Free Will and Energetic Consent

by Jennifer Hoffman -

Our free will allows us to choose any path we wish for our life and we do that every day, with every thought, word, and action, whether we realize it or not. 

Contained within our free will choices are decisions about the frequency, vibration and type of energy we will allow in and into our lives and on the earth. 

Two Distinct Paths

There are two distinct paths for how we allow energy to flow into and out of our lives — we can either adjust ourselves to the energy around us or set strong boundaries and stay in the frequencies we choose for ourselves. 

A more appropriate term for free will is ‘energetic consent’ because it is a process of allowing energy flows according to where we focus our intention and attention and by allowing these energies to flow, which we do by not choosing another level of energy, we agree to its presence. 

Understanding Energetic Consent

That’s why understanding our energetic consent is critical now, since with each thought and choice, we are creating an exponential energetic impact for ourselves and for everyone and everything around us.

When we talk about energy flows and consent, we must look at attention and intention because they can point energy in different directions. 

For example, I may set my intention to get something done but if my attention is distracted by something else, I will intend one thing and do another. Where did my energetic consent go? To whatever got my attention, no matter what my intention was. 

By allowing myself to be distracted, I unconsciously gave my energetic consent for my energy to align with and expand what got my attention.

Our energy flows tend to by guided by our attention, rather than our intention, especially around situations with strong emotions. Unless we are aware of how powerful our energetic consent is, we will allow distractions to scatter our energy, which disempowers our intention and flows our energy into situations that don’t serve us. 

It creates energy flows that may be inconsistent with our desire for evolution and ascension, as well as for the presence of peace, love, joy, and abundance on earth and for humanity.

I want to live in a world that flows with loving, compassionate, supportive energy frequencies, do you? 

We can create that with awareness of energetic consent. 

One more thing, unless we are aware of how we consent or agree to energy, our energies are easily manipulated by things that get our attention. 

We end the manipulation by stating clearly and powerfully what we will energetically consent to, which creates a bigger energy container for the energies we want, and sets our energetic boundaries to limit the presence of energies we don’t want.

Energetic consent is how we control energy flows into and out of our lives and since we are energetic beings, knowing how we work with energy becomes one way that we can be fully aligned with our intention for our lives and for the world. 

Managing Our Energetic Resources

When we’re aware of the power and potential of our energetic consent, we ensure that our attention and intention are fully aligned, there is a clear path for energy to flow into, and we have greater control over our movement between dimensional realities. 

We’re moving back and forth, from 3D to higher dimensions, creating large reality gaps that are more easily navigated when we pay attention to what we are energetically consenting to, aligning our intention and attention to becoming containers for the highest frequencies and vibrations possible.

The more we move into evolution and ascension, the greater the responsibility we have for managing our energetic resources. And the way we do that is through energetic consent.

You can see more in the video here and there is a sample Declaration of Energetic Consent below, which you can use as a sample to set your energetic consent to ensure that you are working with and within the highest frequencies and vibrations.

Here is a sample Declaration of Energetic Consent you can use to overcome energetic manipulation, declare your energetic sovereignty and acknowledge your energetic free will:

Declaration of Energetic Consent
I now give my energetic consent that the highest possible frequencies and vibration are now present on the planet, in our solar system, galaxy, and universe. 
I now give my energetic consent to be filled with the Source light of the highest frequencies and vibrations and I expand that light and those frequencies and vibrations to all of humanity. 
I now give my energetic consent to be a container for energy of the highest frequencies and vibrations and to be a source of those energies for everyone and everything, everywhere. 
I now give my energetic consent for the creation of a direct pathway to Source light and energy for myself and for all of humanity and for the Earth. 
I now give my energetic consent for the participation of every being and energy, throughout the cosmos, with the highest intentions for humanity, to assist us in clearing the planet of all lower energies and frequencies whose purpose, focus, and intention is harming the human heart, spirit, and energy. 
I now give my energetic consent that the Earth now continuously receive light and energy to overcome, vanquish, and release any and all energies that are not in the highest purpose for humanity and the planet. 
I now give my energetic consent that the highest possible frequencies and vibrations of the energies of peace, joy, love, and abundance, are now available as an unlimited, continuous, and constant source for myself, for all of humanity, for every being and life form, and for the Earth.
We are surrounded by a vast sea of energy, containing every possible frequency that we can embody or aspire to, and many that we cannot or wouldn’t want to. 

They are all there and in order for any of them to be present, we must consent to them, which expands them in our lives, in the lives of others and on the planet. 

This is how we use our free will, we agree to be aligned with certain energies. 

If we want to change the energy of any personal, individual, or collective situation or reality, we have to change what we give our energetic consent to. 

When we consent to the presence of energies together, we empower the energy we want to live in and with, and that’s how we create heaven on earth.

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