Energetically Speaking

by Dr. Rita Louise -

We are all familiar with the make-up of our bodies on physical levels. We have a heart and lungs, a liver and pancreas, kidneys, muscles and bones.

We also have glands, including our thyroid and pituitary, which secrete hormones and regulate our bodily functions.

Newtonian View

All in all, it is believed that we are made up no more than a complex series of bio-chemical processes. This view of health, healing and medicine has been around for hundreds of years.

It is based upon a Newtonian view of the world, which sees life as a series of intricate mechanisms. 

Doctors are taught to conceptualize the body as a type of glorified machine, with medicine attempting to repair maladies of the body with no more than a monkey wrench, a pair of pliers and some bailing twine. But are we, as human beings, really just glorified machines?

Einsteinian Paradigm

We are poised at a unique point in human history where science and "religion" are becoming one. 

With it, a new standard of health and medicine is beginning to unfold. This new standard pictures the body as not only as a series of organs, glands and biological processes but as a network of complex energies that interact with one another. 

This explanation of the life experience, is called the Einsteinian paradigm. 

The Einsteinian paradigm validates an innumerable number of esoteric principals and spiritual beliefs that are part of many of our world's cultures.

They hypothesize that all things, man included are made up of a vast array of interconnecting energies and energetic fields.

This new perspective makes it easy for us to appreciate how we are all connected to one another and to everything that occupies our universe, both seen and unseen.

This shift in viewpoint also makes it ease to comprehend that we are made up of more than just a physical body.

Actually we are made up of 5 separate but distinct bodies.

They include the physical body or the world of matter, the etheric, the astral, the mental and casual bodies.

Existing at different vibratory rates or frequencies, each of these bodies occupy the same time-space continium as our current 3-dimensional world but they exist on subtle levels and are unseen to the naked or untrained eye.

The casual body is the world of spirit, the world of pure energy. It is were our soul joins with the cosmic conscious, the universe, or feels one with God. It is from here that we, as humans, create our group conscious. 

The mental body is the world of thoughts. It reflects our ability to think and construct images and ideas. It is where our ideas and imagination transition from the nothingness of the casual body and enter into the constructs of the conscious mind. 

The astral body expresses itself in our feelings and emotions. It reflects our ability to communicate our needs and desires.

By taking the thoughts and ideas of the mental body, it is able to organize or establish patterns, with which we can later manifest. It is where our integrity and truth are derived. 

The expression of the etheric body is the physical world or world of matter. It is concerned with the processes and activities of energy, in and around the physical body and the manifestation onto the physical plane.

It is responsible for the growth and repair of the physical body. It is also the energy we tap into when we manifest our needs and desires onto the physical plane.

Each of these subtle bodies interacts with us on physiological levels. Energy or information flow between the subtle bodies via the "chakras" or energy centers.

C h a k r a s

Like the physical body, there are seven major chakras in each of the subtle bodies. 

Chakras function similar to electrical transformers, stepping down energy from one frequency to another.

Energy is exchanged via a series of tubes or vortexes from one level to another, with the chakra functioning as a sort of relay station.

Incoming energy is slowed down until it reaches a vibration or frequency that our bodies can assimilate.

In essence, the chakras regulate the flow of energy into our bodies, providing it to us in a form in which we can handle.

The chakras of the mental body, for example reduce the vibrational frequency of the energy it receives from the casual body.

From here it is either disseminated into the mental body or is passed on and slowed down even further as it travels on to layers of a slower vibratory rate.

This continues through each of our subtle bodies, until it reaches the physical body, where a physiological or hormonal response occurs.

When our energy is moving and flowing, we remain in a state of health and wellbeing. 

When our energy slows down, becomes stagnant or blocked, we manifest dis-ease. Dis-ease is the reaction to an imbalance in the flow of our life force energy.

Imbalances in the energy of the mental body can manifest as narrow-mindedness, disrespect for life and nature or materialism.

Imbalances of the astral body manifest as anger, rage, phobias, depression and hate. Imbalances of the etheric body manifest in the form of a cold, back pain, arthritis or cancer.

Once an imbalance is experienced and takes hold in one of the subtle bodies it can then trickle down and manifest on a physical level. Dis-ease is typically first experienced on subtle energetic levels, weeks, months or longer, before it is felt physically.

Let me give you an example of how this works. 

At a psychic fair, I performed a clairvoyant reading for a woman in her late sixties. Upon first looking at her energy, I noted a dark, heavy, stagnant energy sitting over the center of her chest.

I shared with her that within this dense energy, I could feel that there was a deep seated, unresolved emotional issue at work.

Upon further exploration, I felt that this energy had to do with her mother. Without a breath, she responded that it couldn't be true.

She shared with me that she had been adopted as an infant and had never known her birth mother, therefore, there could not possibly be any issues surrounding her.

Energetically speaking, however I could clearly see a large blockage in her astral body, in the area of her 4th chakra or heart center.  

I felt that she either wasn't aware of this issue on a conscious level or was in an extreme state of denial. Intellectually I could understand where her perception came from. 

She had been adopted as an infant. The feelings or abandonment had been a part of her since she her first moments on earth. They contributed to her identity of self.

Through the years, these unresolved emotional issues filtered down through the subtle bodies and manifested in the form of heart disease (she recently had quadruple bypass surgery).

According to my client, however, her physical condition had nothing to do with her mother or her unresolved emotional issues.

Our Multidimensionality

With the dawn of a new age in science, medicine and healing, we are now rediscovering our multidimensionality.

As science comes full circle, back to the thoughts and beliefs of our ancestors, they are that we are indeed spirit, living in a physical body.

With this, the key to wellness lie not only with diet, pills and exercise. It also extends to our thoughts, feelings and emotions. These too contribute to our overall state of health and healing.

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