Soul Connections

by Janna Parker -


I pour forth Infinite Compassion to you who tread the path of the "Awakened", as it is you who are setting forth new paradigms for ‘being’, for living, for transformation. It is you who are being asked to live simultaneously upon Terra in Her time of tremendous transition and equally upon the glorious inner realms. 

We realize that at times the disparity seems greater than you can bear, which again, is why infinite and unconditional compassion, mercy and love are both being given unto you and requested of you. 


I request that you open yourself up to receive the fount of LoveLight that is encoded within these words. Equally do I request that you breathe forth this LoveLight to all sentient beings, for now, more than ever are the Divine Energies in need of being transmitted one to another. 

This is so for all Divine Attributes: Unconditional Compassion, Forgiveness, Faith, Divine Will-To-Good, Mercy, Prayer and Right Action. It is likewise a time for Self to listen to Self, and for each of you to ‘hear’ within the Silence of your own heart, the Word of God/dess, and to follow your own call to serve and call to ‘being’ as it is spoken to you alone. So Be It!

In the information that follows, I shall expound upon the phenomenon that is bringing together various Soul Groupings at a most accelerated rate. This is leading to as much confusion as it is to joy, and many are not quite sure what to do with, or even what to make of this Divine drawing together of Souls that have agreed to meet at this particular time. 


We are aware that as the hour of coming together for Spiritual Mission, Life Work or even to fulfill a specific puzzle piece is truly upon you, further exploration of this issue is required. 

This is likewise true, because those of you who share Soul Connections that span the ages have a certain subtle blending of atomic structure and blueprint, which can be and often is the harbinger of much confusion, rather than the clarity of purpose, which is the true intent. 

This is truly a time of celebration and with a little understanding there is the potential for greater joy and fulfillment than you have hitherto know before.


It is apparent even to the casual observer of the signs of the times, that energies to establish world peace are greatly needed. From one point of view, this is not a new need at all: Yet from a ‘higher’ or "deeper’ viewpoint it most definitely is! This is due to the fact that The Earth Herself is at a new and more refined frequency, moving into ever higher dimensions, and "absolutely requires" that humanity and all life forms be elevated with Her. 

Those of you  who are drawn to material such as this, are the "Wayshowers", the "Forerunners" of this New Heaven On Earth. 

You have ‘come in’ with a Mission or if you prefer, a Divine Plan, a higher calling; but call it what you will, you have indeed "agreed" to come to Earth to assist in Her Ascension. It is most vital that you understand the fact that you did not do this alone. You have the assistance of the Celestial Realm, for you are a part of US! You also have the assistance of one another and are rapidly finding each other with whom you are to do the bulk of your work. 


You are finding many deep Soul Mates and Soul Connections, some of whom you are quite intertwined with, some of whom share electronic frequencies, overlapping incarnational patterns, electrons and basic DNA structure, etheric bloodlines if you will. 


This is very powerful and very intense, yet honesty and clarity will shine the LIGHT of Joy and Great Celebration upon this reality. What is needed most, however, is a total and complete RELINQUISHING OF JUDGMENT! Judgement belongs to the personality realm and it an expression of the uninitiated. 


What is required of You dear hearts, is discernment and discrimination, rather than any sort of judgments (including and specifically addressing those that you may have for yourself for engaging in judgment! If you do find that this trait lingers within you, simply observe it and let it go with total compassion towards ‘self").

Some of you will find that you have a special connection to the animal kingdom. Many will find a unique and very real Soul Connection with the Dolphins and Whales and their specific spiritual work and lineage. Many are connected very deeply with the Archangels, Angels, Elohim, Faerie Realms, as well as the "Christed" or Positive Ets. 


Most of you already know your Celestial Lineage involving the "Planetary Hierarchy", which again I restate, in no way resembles an earthly 3D hierarchical structure involving power plays and the like. "Hierarchy" in the Divine Sense simply connotes degrees of Love, Light, Wisdom Will--To-Good, Oneness, Service and Conscious Awareness of Divine Unity. It is in truth a circular or spiral state of Being, denoting levels of inclusiveness. It is most important that you bear this in heart and mind.

Now, as the New Age, the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius fully dawns upon Earth, those of you who share patterns, commitments, electrons, frequencies will find that you are being rapidly brought into one another’s sphere. 

This is so that you may work more efficiently, and joyously together, while at the same time share in the Love that has been cultivated throughout the ages. 


For those of you who overlap in several areas, meaning electron and electronic blending and merger, mission, eons of intimate spiritual and 3D work, Sacred Spiritual Orders (The Order of Melchizedek Being a Primary one with regard to seeding this planet and foreseeing the bringing of Her into fruition) this can be a bit confusing. You may find yourselves wondering how this is to play out in this particular lifetime. You may find yourself wondering how you can feel so incredible close to one of the same sex or to the opposite sex as the case may be. 


These tremendous feelings of love and bonding can and often do extend to certain animals (guides, Totems, companions), group of animals that you have come in to watch over, nature spirits or particular expressions of nature (as those of you who are drawn to care for and protect particular aspects of the Eco system; land, sea, air). You may find yourself confused because of a deep and abiding affinity to several groups of individuals, or to none inparticular. 

Take heart, for all this is quite natural and the answers truly lie within! 

I will, however, assist you in finding some of these answers, so that Love’s expression and Love’s Bliss and understanding put many confusions to rest.


One of the areas that many are finding very confusing is that regarding Soul Mates. As most of you already know, you have many, for there are many that you have worked with over aeons of time with whom you have shared a variety of intimate relationships. There is no reason you should not love them all, for in truth, the ultimate goal and journey itself IS LOVE! 

Whether or not a particular person is ‘right’ for an intimate partnership/relationship is up to you to fully explore. What I offer you here is the advise to do this with the assistance of heart/mind and most importantly calling into play both of your Mighty I AM Presence’s. Also, of course, call in the I AM THAT I AM and any of your Guides you feel too. 


It is truly vital to work from the level of Soul and the level of the I AM Presence, as even the level of Heart can be confusing, as there will undoubtedly be much love there. 

What needs to be done therefore, is to ask your I AM Presence for CLARITY OF HEART AND DIRECTION! 

This is an invaluable tool which when used singularly and in unison, giving revelation time to unveil and unfold, your true path will serve in guiding you to the highest use of your Soul/spirit connection. 

In truth, this is the way to proceed for all of you and in regard to every direction in your life. This is so because you are Spirit Incarnate, you are your Mighty I AM Presence, and you have come to fulfill IT’S/Your/GOD/DESS’ Purpose.


Sometimes a person or a situation ( a particular community, project, work) might feel very close to you and your destiny, but not quite ‘right’. This can occur when you have worked with the person, people or project in other lifetimes, but have not come in to work in exactly the same manner this lifetime. It can also occur because there may be a community or project that someone who shares your essential purpose and frequency is involved in, and it is ‘their’ energy rather than ‘your’ energy and purpose that you are attuning to. 

That is why it is so very important to call upon your I AM Presence for clarity and discernment. 

It may very often turn out that you do indeed have something to do in relationship to a particular project or community, but are not meant to be at the "hub’ of it. It does take a stillness of mind and an openness of Heart in order to discern the highest message from Spirit.


If you are unsure about a particular person and the role that they are to play in your life, you would bode well to agree to go into meditation in unison with them, whether in the physical or etheric, in order to connect with your Highest Self, Your Mighty I Am Selves. 

Journal your feelings and impressions in words, images, geometries, music or even vocal sounds that may express themselves. Ask your guides to intercede and give you a sign. 

Pay attention, for the sign may be of a very subtle nature. Be open to what you get and be as fluidic as possible. Be ever watchful that you do not interpret any signs or images by old patterning but stay in the ‘now’, being open to what is coming through your Higher Self, and not your concrete mind. 


Very often, almost always ‘if allowed’, the mind will create complicated scenarios, or scenarios with which it is familiar. Ask for the Highest Truth ONLY, and refuse to accept anything less. Inform your lower vehicles of this intent, telling them that they will not be deceived in this manner. 

Pay particular attention to the possible tricks of the mind, for this aspect of self can be quite locked into its own imaginings, fears, doubts as well as those mental gridlocks from the past. Be very straight forward that you are communing with your Spark of God/dess, and will heed only THAT! Keep the breath flowing in and out of the Heart Chakra.

If you are doing this in regard to a group of people or to a particular area of service work, you most likely will end up doing it alone. There is always the possibility that a group will work with you or at least one or two members whom you are closest with. 


Do the same process here as mentioned above, focusing on your Soul Destiny. 

In either event, allow the allotted time for Truth to reveal itself to you, as it invariably will IF you can keep your own mind from creating it! Do call upon WE of the Celestial Realms for assistance, and remain as loving and yet as detached as possible. 

I will tell you that sometimes you will know what is, in an instant, as light uprising from a powerful geyser suddenly erupting. At other times it will roll in like a great wave, slowly gathering momentum, swelling into complete fullness. Therefore, be ever vigilant not to push the river, nor to ever to attempt to force the Cosmic Ocean. Trust yourself, and trust God/Goddess.

Know that Lightworkers, Starseeds, Awakened Ones are being drawn unto each other as never before. Soul mates, Twin Flames and Soul Family are finding their way into each other’s aura, into each other’s life. 


Pay attention to what is your ‘natural state of being’, which is to say, what type of people, animals(if any), work, service, creativity feels like it is part of your essential make up. The better you know yourself, the clearer you will be in knowing your Divine Mission and those who are part of it. 

Keep well in mind that sometimes you will be drawn to someone or some project that feels like ‘you’ in another form, and this is a very good indication that you are on the right track. On the other hand, however be well aware that sometimes you will be drawn to a situation that on the surface appears to be opposite to your personal thrust, such as the artist drawn into the field of ‘medicine’ or into the heart of politics. 


As long as you feel at one with ‘Self’ it may well be that you have pre-planed such an outpicturing in order to bring balance to a particular situation, or relationship, as the case may be. You and your I AM Presence will ‘know’ what is your true calling and with whom you are suited best to work, if you will cultivate a deep and penetrating relationship first and foremost with your own God/Goddess Self! That, beloved hearts of My Heart is the key!

Be patient I say again, and give yourself time to see, feel know. Ever stay attuned to the I AM THAT I AM, and you will be attuned to your direction. Make integration of Spirit on Earth a priority, so that neither your ‘form’ nor your Spirit Self is relegated to one realm or dimension alone, for the 7th Ray is the Ray which is now active and THIS IS THE RAY OF ANCHORING GOD/DESS ON AND AS EARTH! 


You would be wise to keep your Heart open to Love in all forms and to all Beings of Light, rather than saving your heart’s love for special occasions. The Love within the Heart Chakra is THE LOVE OF SPIRIT ITSELF, and it’s purpose is to BLESS ALL OF LIFE. 

Of course, as always, be discerning, declaring that while you are a vessel which outpours love to a world hungry for it, no one or no entity may enter your Sacred Heart Space Except that it be OF LOVE and LIGHT ITSELF! Be discriminating, ever surrounding yourself with protection but be ye not in fear. 

Allow your heart all the freedom and openness it needs to Grace the Planet, and to Grace your Own Precious Life with those dear Souls with whom you are bonded in Sacredness.

Realize that even now, while you are reading this, your energy is flowing outward and connecting with your Soul Kin, as well as blessing beloved Terra in your Radiance of Love. 


Here there is no separation between those that have crossed to the other side of the veil and those that sit beside you. Here there is no separation between the mineral, vegetable, animal, human, Spiritual Kingdomes. Here, IN LOVE is where Oneness abides. 

Where ONENESS ABIDES Love reigns Supreme and You ARE, I AM, I AM THAT I AM. From that Sacred Space where separation is not, I outpour My Infinite and Unconditional Compassion, Mercy and Love! --Lady Master Quan Yin