Spiritual Living in the Real World

by Dr. Jodi Shams Prinzivalli - 

There are several concepts that are essential for us if we are to be spiritual people living in the real world of every day life.

1. The first is the understanding of the dynamics of the unconscious.  
Although in our culture, psychology us often thought of as unrelated to spirituality, the literal definition of psychology is 'the study of the soul' and for most of us it is an important component for our return to a spiritual lifestyle and is essential to living a good life.  
It allows us to take the judgment out of why people do what they do. It allows us not to take things personally.

It gives us a bird's eye view of life to understand that every single feeling and statement and action that is made has it's root in the inner landscape of our being.  
Most of what we do and what others do that baffles us is related to the misunderstood nature of the unconscious. 
Regardless of how illogical or irrational an action or statement may be, it has a reason for existing that, at least in the beginning, had a purpose that served us. It may be very outdated now, but some part of our psyche usually does not know this.  
Understanding the nature of the unconscious and how to respond to it is one of the most freeing gifts we can give ourselves in our search for meaning and a spiritual life. Some say that the doorway to God is through the unconscious. 
2. Secondly, understand that we live in an ocean of unseen energies.  
Just like the radio waves and microwaves that surround us everywhere, there also exist mental and emotional energies that we may not be able to see, but which can be felt quite easily. 
Think of the last time you walked into a room full of people and your mood changed instantly. Think of someone that you consider as having "good vibes," that you enjoy being around.  
All of this is from our innate capacity to sense and experience the unseen realm. 
As an aspect of this, practical mystics believe that in the unseen world there also exists an Angelic realm, beings who are part of the Divine plan, beings who have specific purpose although they may not have physical bodies. 
The Bible, the Torah and the Quran all speak about the presence of the angels as Divine emissaries of God who have different laws of existence than we do. 
They cannot fulfill their purpose unless invited. Universal law states that all beings of light can only involve themselves with humanity or other conscious beings by invitation only.  
Therefore part of our role in the healing world is not necessarily that we do the work, but that we ask those who know how, to come and intercede for those in need. 
This is a primary function of prayer. And we can pray as easily in a traffic jam or in line at the supermarket, as we can in church. We can ask that a Divine emissary come as a healing presence to the situation no matter where we are.
3. Finally, many of us have a tendency to "pick things up" in this unseen realm of energy.  
Without realizing it, other peoples' feelings and "stuff" sticks to us like velcro as we walk through the world. And some of us are more sensitive to this than others, often processing other peoples' emotions as if they were our own. 
We all clean our bodies every day, yet our energetic bodies are often so filled that we look like Pigpen in the Charlie Brown cartoon.  
With a tool to clean our energy field, we can restore a sense of vitality and well-being we may not have realized is possible. We are often deeply affected by the energetic velcro effect, whereby in an interaction with another we walk away feeling worse while the other feels better.
There are time-tested clearing tools that the great mystics have worked with for hundreds of years.  
One example of such a tool is the use of the whirlwind, which can be done anywhere. 
Simply imagine a vortex of light like a tornado descending from above you and surrounding your entire body, ultimately dropping into the earth, pulling away all unnecessary clutter from your being.  
If it is hard to visualize, try putting a flame or light on the edge and following it around, allowing the flame to burn away all the dross as it circles around you. This is a practical use of the mind to effect an energetic change that truly works.  
Although the whirlwind will not remove the wounds or difficulties that are your own, it will in effect vacuum away the residual "junk" of others which may be affecting you. 
The next time you return home from the mall, try using the vortex and see if you feel more energy as a result.

All of these are examples of practical but powerful tools for how we can live a more meaningful life. 

As we understand how to use the mind as a tool for positive change, we create opportunities for healing and a means of bringing the Divine light into every day life.

Perhaps over time if enough of us use our thoughts, words and actions as a force for good in the world, peace truly will prevail on earth.