The Oneness Thing

by Rebecca Couch -

Message from The Council of Light: Beloved Ones, We greet you in kindness and light. For this is the place you must be in to connect with us and so we remind you of this. Most of the time you remember, but you have your forgetful moments! Always remember the importance of holding your heart in this way, for all that you are looking for comes from this place. It is simple and pure and forever true.

Being kind to yourself is the greatest benefit, for in your deep desire to experience this in your life, you give it to yourself first and all things soften, all things grow and all things are possible in this receptivity. And so how does this really feel inside? It is choosing not to judge anything as anything other than a product of source energy. As long as you compartmentalize and label and sort everything into categories, then you will be limited in your experience of these same categories, one by one by one.

Remember, you get what you believe, and this is a very monotonous, boring, limited perspective from which to live your life. Undo the categories and put it all into one big conglomerate of source energy and Love the whole thing. This will dissolve the differentiations and separateness and allow your heart to accept the whole with Love. This will dissolve the experience of one thing and the next thing and the next as separate, disjointed moments that can bash you around in inconsistency, and meld them into one rich tapestry of life.

Then it is not so exhausting at the end of the day to reflect back on all the wild, seemingly disparate things that happened once you got out of the shower in the morning! The unifying thing is you. The great unifier of all of the seeming diverse experiences is you. So if you no longer keep all the circuits exclusive, you will find they unify quite naturally into one big ball of interconnectedness. You are the motherboard! And then of course, we realize that we are not separate from each other. But we’ll have to undo our separateness one step at a time!

Back to kindness and light. Stay there for a moment and relish its simplicity and purity. If this feels like Love’s bliss to you, decide to stay there permanently, at all times. If we all chose this simultaneously and stayed there, our experience of the world would change profoundly. Let’s do this!

Because of our compartmentalized thinking into time and place and judgment, we keep everything feeling so impossibly diverse and spinning out of control, that we forget that it is so much simpler than this. The Beatles had it right: “I know you, you know me. One thing I can tell you is you got to be free. Come together, right now - over me”. If you can truly come together by choosing in each moment to feel the sense of unity inside you – it is difficult to get there with your brain, but easy to feel in your heart the interconnectedness and inseparability and unity of all life - and really, how simple it is.

Ask to experience the feeling of oneness. Ask for help to anchor this truth in every cell of your being in every moment, and your world - the world - will transform in the blink of an eye. All seeded by kindness and light.

You can get this one. This one is easy, this oneness thing. Just decide that it is the key and so it shall be. This is the heart of the Golden Rule, for if we truly saw each other as the light of ourselves, then nothing would be miscreated. All would be in harmony with The One and the spiral of evolution would be expedited. And so, one heart at a time, we unify into the One Heart, One Love, One Light. Really. It is simpler than you think. Follow your heart, for it always knows the way.