In the Midst of Infinity

by Thomas Sladek -

We live in the middle of an infinite sea of energy. Everything is composed of precisely this energy- the trees, birds, rocks, rivers and mountains. Everything is energy and that includes us as well.

The question that arises when conceiving of the idea of everything being an infinite mass of energy is why we would then see a world which is quite evidently built upon rules?

If you look at Planet Earth, then you will see a sphere which moves through space in a predictable way. Flora and fauna on the planet grow according to predictable patterns.

Sometimes things may appear to be ‘random’ but I would suggest that they aren’t ‘random’ at all but that there is rather an inherently deeper order at work, which depending on the circumstances, may or may not be apparent.

Our perception of ‘rules’ is precisely what defines the occurrence of these. 

If we believe in a certain ‘law’ of life down to a really deep level, then this is what we decode out of Infinite Energy/Possibility into our conscious experience.

As is quite commonly acknowledged in metaphysical circles, our body is surrounded by what many term an ‘aura’.

This aura consists of our other-dimensional bodies. Put another way, it represents our deeper levels of being. The physical world is the ‘end product’ of Energy being decoded into an increasingly ‘dense’ frequency range.

Emotion is of a higher vibration than physical objects and thought is of a higher vibration than emotion.

The various layers of our auras resonate to different wavelengths of energy. 

The emotional body, not surprisingly, resonates to emotions and the mental body is in tune with the frequency wavelength of thoughts. Thus it follows, that our thoughts and emotions affect our aura.

Our aura(energy) determines what we are in resonance with and as whatever we are in energetic resonance with is exactly what we draw towards us, it follows that our thoughts and emotions take a center stage role in the very creation of our life circumstances.

I do not think that they are the only factor but they are certainly important enough to provide the tools for deliberately creating specific life circumstances.

One other factor may be found in our DNA.

Everything is energy and this includes our DNA. 

Our genes are systems of energy which are in resonance with certain themes of experience, like the living of a life which happens to involve your hair having a certain color.

I would in fact go further than that. I would not only say that our DNA dictates what our bodies are like, but that, to some extent, it is also the creator of our apparently ‘outer’ world.

Our ‘different’ senses are really just different channels for the interpretation of this Infinite, boundless energy that we live in.

All of the senses make us perceive the ‘world’ in a different way because they decode slightly altering wavelengths of energy.

Some of them may be closer(taste and smell) than others in terms of what vibrational state they are decoding, or interpreting. What is the functioning of our senses determined by? Is it not the DNA?

Now, let us consider the whole question of whether there actually is such a thing as an objective ‘world’. 

If our perception(our senses’ interpretation) of our world is actually our world, that would mean that our DNA literally shapes this world of ours.

That would mean that the DNA does not only affect our bodies, but our entire universe. The implications of this are enormous, and would really require another article (or book?) but the key point which all of this is leading up to is that our thoughts and emotions affect our DNA.

Think about it: Everything is energy. 

Our DNA is energy just as much as our thoughts and emotions are. Our DNA resonates to a similar wavelength of energy to that of our thoughts and emotions, and thus it follows that one can affect the other.

The reason why the DNA resonates with thoughts and emotions is that everything physical has got other-dimensional counterparts, which means that the DNA has got these as well.

These other-dimensional expressions of the DNA would be a kind of blueprint for the physical DNA, and thus thoughts affecting that of the DNA which resonates to thought and emotion, would be mirrored on the physical level.

Everything is made out of the same basic energy substance which permeates the entirety of existence. 

Our world may appear to be ‘divided’ and in ‘parts’ but these are, when viewed closely, just expressions of each other. We are all one after all!