The Unfolding of a Better World

by Peggy Black -

Everyone is being encouraged to transform their personal fear, personal righteousness, personal prejudice, personal rage and personal judgment.

Each individual, each human is responsible for the energy that they offer to the collective. 

Each individual, each human is being required to take their magnificent place in the transformation and unfolding of a better world - a world that knows peace, love and joy.

You must first have the conscious awareness of any behavior before you can transform that pattern or program.

Until that awareness flashes into your conscious mind you are operating on automatic, your ego is in control and is driving your life.

The "out picturing" of the violence happening around the world is the collective emotional shadow of humanity.

Humanity is awakening from a deep slumber, the ego slumber, the pre-patterned and pre-programmed slumber. 

There is tremendous celestial support being offered to the personal and collective consciousness. This celestial support is assisting in the shift to the higher dimensions of freedom and flow - the dimensions in which all are aware "WE ARE ONE".

Each human carries an important key in this shift and transformation. 

Each human has an aspect of the collective shadow and can offer that shadow aspect to the light and transform what is repressed with an aware consciousness through their sacred heart. 

It is your willingness, awareness, and asking for assistance in personal shadow work. It is dedication and diligence in healing, forgiving, and transforming all that has been repressed within the subconscious.

This is the opportunity of each multidimensional Star-being - to transform their emotions, transform their frequencies and transform their consciousness.

Each human is either imprinting this field of all possibility with their fear, limiting beliefs and ego manipulation or they are imprinting this energy field with their love, joy, gratitude and appreciation.

Each human is a celestial transformer of emotional energy.

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