Our Reality as Co-Creators

by Jennifer Hoffman -

Being in our spiritual power awakens us to the need to review the truth of the different truths we believe.

Without this kind of introspection we can live our life according to a range of beliefs and things that we accept as the truth and they serve to limit our ability to create and receive abundance, joy, peace and love. 

Just like the day we discover that there is no Santa Claus, inspecting the real truth behind what we have always believed to be true is the moment we are ready to accept responsibility for our reality as co-creators with the Universe. 

'Is this true' will become our mantra and it will help us release the old truths and create new ones that are more reflective of the powerful and perfect beings that we are.

The spiritual truth of who we are

A common element among our material truths is the way in which they contradict the spiritual truth of who we are.

How do we know when we are accepting a material truth instead of a spiritual truth? Our material truths remind us of our powerlessness, compel us to seek approval and validation from others, focus on what is missing and what we are not capable of or do not deserve.

Often, they are the echo of what we have heard from others, even those things that we cannot remember.

When we have the courage to challenge our material truths we can ask ourselves 'Is this true' every time we hear a voice that reminds us of our fear, what we cannot or dare not do or what is not possible. 

Our potential is limitless

Each situation that we look at with fear or dread because we feel that we are not enough is an opportunity to challenge our material beliefs, asking whether this is really true, finding the source of that truth and replacing it with the knowledge that our potential is limitless.

We are here to create space for heaven in the material world, to become the miracles we wish to manifest and to raise ourselves out of the vibration of fear and limitation into unlimited potential. 

Our Spiritual Truth

That process starts with our acceptance of our spiritual Truth, replacing our material truths that have held us back for lifetimes of existence with the knowledge of our divinity. Every time you feel a limiting thought this week, ask yourself 'Is this true'. 

Just by asking that you are opening the door to a higher vibration, a new way of being and allowing your spiritual Truth to become the foundation for your reality.

Surrender or Resist?

Every lesson you experience is accompanied by the choice to surrender or resist. Often you do not see surrender as an option because you do not understand what that means or see it as a choice that is always available to you. 

The need to resist, to continue to press forward and try all options until you feel you have overcome is a fear response.

Surrender presents an easier option and your belief that lessons must be difficult keep you in resistance until you stop fighting and allow the Universe to point you to healing. 

Resistance is blocked energy; surrender allows your energy to flow and move forward. Resistance is the opposite of surrender.

In many lifetimes your ability to resist has kept you moving forward on your path.

There have been times when you needed to struggle against those who would put out your light, who would condemn and persecute you and that has created the energy of resistance in humanity. But this is no longer that time. 

Now you can surrender, knowing that the Light is now strong enough to carry you through your lessons, to light your way and to work on your behalf.

This is the energy of co-creation, when enough of humanity has created a field of Light that allows surrender to be a choice. 

When you choose surrender, you are choosing the Light to guide you on your journey.

Learning and Healing

Your lessons are not about winning, they are about learning and healing. When you are in resistance you want to win and you are driven by your free will, which includes attachment to a particular outcome. 

Together, these prevent you from seeing all aspects of your lessons and moving to a higher perspective where the option of surrender and allowing the energy to flow in the direction it needs to go for your healing can bring you release and peace. 

The flow of miracles and abundance

When you surrender you allow your self-love to guide you into the flow of miracles and abundance.

So much of humanity's struggle has been caused by resistance, especially resistance to the energy of unconditional love.

Learn to surrender, to replace your will with divine Will, to trust that you are divinely guided in all you do, to replace fear with acceptance of your connection to Source. 

You cannot force healing for yourself or others or complete your lessons as long as you resist. When you learn to surrender and release resistance your vibrations are raised and you have faith in your power and in the Universe. 

Then you can connect with the energies of joy, peace and miracles because they are available to you when you surrender and allow them to flow to you.