Alignment of Consciousness

by Shirley Knapp - 

The alignment of consciousness is not so much about what we do, but about how we feel. 

At times our lives can be extremely challenging. We may feel frustrated, depressed, and even fearful. In the midst of such challenges, we may wonder how to live a more balanced life.

One key to remember is that all of our experiences lead us to the next step on our spiritual journey. Indeed, it is important for us to understand that we already have all that we truly need to take our next steps into alignment.


Alignment in life means that we are balanced throughout our mind, body and spirit. This is important because when we are not in balance we are stressed, and long-term stress ultimately leads to disease.

So, how do we shift our lives into balance? 

One way to begin is by living intuitively and trusting our guidance.

In working with clients and supporting the development of intuition, I often remind them that there will be times when guidance takes us into situations in which we may not feel comfortable at first. However, this is all part of learning to trust.


Three years ago, I was guided to leave my well-settled, very comfortable and familiar life in Vermont and move to Alaska. Many, including my family, thought I had gone off the deep end in a traditional mid-life crisis!

After 30 years in Vermont, did I really want to leave my life and holistic practice to go — where?! As I packed up my life and sold my house, I discovered that I had many fears to release. 

I wondered why I was called to Alaska, and how I would come to be in balance and aligned in such a different lifestyle so far away.

As time went on, however, I realized that I needed to go beyond my comfort zone, to stretch myself in both my faith and alignment.


Our inner soul searching will always take us where we need to go. It doesn’t support us to skip over our lessons, or go around them. For each lesson reveals the next rung on the ladder of our spiritual path. 

In working with clients, I sometimes feel their urge to hurry through a particular lesson, especially when it is challenging.

I remind them that a soul lesson is here until we learn it. Only then will it be released. If it is not released, it will come around again in a new form.


Joy comes in finding that when we make aligned changes in our life we are provided for. Each time I have taken a deep plunge into the unknown I realized later that it was the dive that was the scary part—not the unknown.

Of course, the first step into the unknown is never easy; it can be terrifying. But this is how we make the next shifts in our consciousness: by letting go of our fears and taking the plunge into the new.

Shifts into deeper soul alignment often have a quality of inner release. The rational mind does not have a major role in this.

Instead, alignment may come in meditation or by sitting quietly, in letting messages come through to our conscious mind, and in relying and acting on the messages that speak to our intuition.

As you take steps to align on deeper levels, the results may be felt in your body. You will become more peaceful, experience less stress, and have a desire to take better care of yourself with diet, exercise and meditation.

You may notice how you are more relaxed and full of positive energy. Unhealthy situations or people will either change or be released from your life. 

You may find yourself changing careers, friends, spouses, hobbies.

As you see the shifts in yourself—and as others begin to notice—you will begin to trust more in the process. Always remember that you are never given more than you can handle, or anything that you cannot do.

The alignment of consciousness is not so much about what we do but about how we feel. It is not what job we do; it is how we feel when we do it.

It's not whom we connect with; it's how we feel when we connect with that person.

When we are living with joy and passion, we are in alignment; we feel alive and energized; our lives are running smoothly and effortlessly; and we teach others simply by being who we are how to live joyfully.

  Joy is our choice!