Create Change with a Simple Little Shift

by Dolly Mae - 

The secrets to choosing joy are simple and easy to do. 

Because we get stuck in a rut, it seems to take great effort to move out of stuckness, even though we are desperate to find happiness. But it can be done in a simple little shift.

Happiness is an inside job. It comes from within.

Moving from the unbearable place of stuckness is actually very simple. It only takes a tiny little shift. 

When you are in the middle of a non-loving emotion—anger, fear, hate, resentment, frustration, depression or sorrow—just remember you have a choice. Knowing you have a choice, what can you do?

Begin appreciating anything! 

It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be the fact that it’s not raining or that you have comfortable shoes on. 

It could be that the vehicle you are in has a working heater, that your coat is warming you, or that you have a cup of tea to drink.

One thought of appreciation attracts another and that slim lifeline of the first appreciation thought becomes a firm and solid handhold shifting your perspective and depression’s hold on you. 

You didn’t move physically, yet you are shifted totally. You stood in a place of anger or frustration and now you stand in a place of gratitude.

Everything in your perspective changes because you have changed from within. 

It’s a little thing but use it next time you’re in a long line at the checkout. It works anywhere, anytime. 

You have the power within to create great change in your world with a simple little shift. Make joy an option.