Recognizing Your Options

by Jennifer Hoffman - 

What are your options in life? 

Can you imagine yourself being everything that you want to be, living each moment in the way you want to live it and experiencing joy in all that you do? Can you see these as options for yourself or do they only exist in your daydreams? 

Your options include not only all of the possibilities that you can imagine at this moment but also a limitless number of options that you have not yet begun to perceive.

You have glimpses of these other options in your dreams, when you wish or when you have a strong desire to do something else. They come to you when you focus on what you want and can do, instead of what you cannot do, what has passed you by or what seems to be impossible.

The impossible only appears that way because you see it from the limitations of your mind.

Each time you move into a higher vibration, by releasing fear and trusting in the Universe, you also move into a different range of options for your reality.

Everything that you want, that is in your dreams and that you wish for is an option for you because its energy is around you, waiting for you to connect to it. 

What you do in the moment between asking for what you want and then choosing to believe whether it is possible or not determines whether that connection will be completed. Recognize your dreams as options for your reality. Whether or not you connect with them is up to you. Whether or not your dreams come true is also up to you.

What are your options? 

They are everything that you are passionate about, believe in with your whole heart and can see yourself doing with joy. When you recognize them as options you connect with their energy and bring them into your reality.

The process is simple and requires that you believe in yourself and in your abilities. You would not want something that you were not capable of doing or having because you could not connect with its energy.

You recognize your options by removing all doubt and limitations and focusing on what you are passionate about, is what brings you joy. 

This week, consider what your options are. 

You will find them in your dreams and in what your heart says to you. Once you recognize what they are, you can begin to connect to them and bring them into your reality. Then you can manifest the life of your dreams and create even greater options for yourself and for others.

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