Transition to the New Consciousness

by Mashubi Rochell - 

Deeper Awareness and Understanding:

The growing light on the Earth requires a new awareness of yourself and of how energies, thoughts and emotions flow both within your own being and amongst people.

Most people have learned to identify with their emotional states or with their life roles or with the work they do or with their beliefs or with their relationships. "I am a parent" "I am anxious" "I am a tax attorney" "I am disabled" and so forth are ways of relating to oneself that were developed during humanity's exploration of separated, individuated consciousness.


Now, as humanity moves into a new direction of integration, wholeness and unity, it becomes possible to experience a deeper understanding of who you are, beyond the roles, relationships, ideas and concepts that you may have previously identified with.


You are so much more than you believe you are. Underneath the humble and seemingly ordinary face of your daily life experience lies a treasure trove of spiritual jewels, waiting to be revealed. The growing light on the Earth is already beginning to transform consciousness, so there is no need to "try" to see what God is revealing to you. 

What is needed is the willingness to be flexible in your consciousness and to un-hinge yourself from daily habits of thought, word and action that create separation from life and separation from others.


When you release yourself from habitual actions and thoughts, life opens in a miraculous way. The present moment with its infinite dance of possibilities, beckons forth new qualities from within you, and asks only that you be present and aware. It is not necessary to practice this, but rather to allow it. 

Sometimes a change in your daily schedule can create more space for this possibility but the awareness can be brought to any moment, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. As you open to this awareness, which is at the fundamental root of who you are as a spiritual being, new possibilities arise that can transform even the most entrenched situations.


Solutions to so many of the practical challenges of today's world are in existence and already present within the collective consciousness of humanity. What is needed is for humanity to release habitual roles and forms of consciousness, so that the larger collective spiritual awareness can be revealed, which contains the inspirations and solutions that are so desperately needed. 

Many souls have already started down this path and have created a spiritual pathway of consciousness that others can follow. You can begin to awaken by making a choice to do so, which will begin to attract the situations, people and supports that will help you.


The more people who choose to open their consciousness to spiritual reality, the more rapidly the larger collective body of humanity can awaken and discover the solutions to the many practical problems of today's world. 

The challenges facing today's world cannot be solved by actions alone, but by a collective shift in consciousness and vibration. The momentum towards this larger transformational shift is accelerating, and your part in this transition is essential. Each individual has a huge impact on the whole, and your choices and actions can open a pathway of light for others.


For some souls it may feel like you are being swept along in a strong current without a life preserver right now. The process of purification is greatly amplified, and you may find yourself with sudden bouts of negativity, fear, despair or emotional suffering. 

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself at times unable to contain these energies, so that you end up acting in ways that do not match your soul's intentions.

It is deeply important at this time that you create a supportive environment for yourself so that you have a way to process what is happening for yourself internally, and so that you have the space in your life to be able to release negative energies in ways that do not adversely affect other souls.


The support and light that will carry you to the next phase of this new time are already present and available to you. By allowing yourself to be fully present in this new time, all that you need will be made available to you and you will be guided and supported in your journey. We bless your presence on the Earth and in this new time.

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