Living Life Without Limits

by Jennifer Hoffman - 

If you had no limitations in your life, what would you be doing at this moment? 

What kind of work would you do, where would you live, what would your house look like? If you were in the perfect relationship, what would that be like?

Each of you will have a different response because you each want different things and have a different view of your limitless life would look like. 

Your life can be exactly what you want it to be because once you understand that you have no limitations you can begin to create your life instead of living the life that you believe you can have.

You live in a limitless Universe, why do you believe that your own abilities are limited? 

There is nothing that separates you from Creator except your belief that you are less than divine.

This belief serves no purpose but to create limitations in your reality and keeps your dreams out of your reach. Nothing is impossible for you because only that which you desire is available to you.

Your doubts and fears are as powerful as your faith. 

There are no powerless beliefs and thoughts. Each one has equal power and each one participates in the creation of your reality.

Blocks are created when you send out a wish for something you want and follow it by a doubt that it will come to you. This creates limitations that will not move until your faith in your own creative power is the only energy that you allow.

When you live each day without limits you allow all of the many blessings that are possible for you to flow. Imagine your life as an endless flow of miracles, where your every need is fulfilled. 

This is what you have come here to do and it is possible for you. 

This week, state your intention to live without limits, to have your every wish and desire fulfilled in the most perfect way possible.

Put all of the power of your faith behind this intention and watch the miracles flow to you. Once you experience this you will understand what it means to create the reality of your dreams and to live effortlessly.

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