The Pathway Home

by Carrie Hart -


 Today we have a gentle reminder of what you already know so well: that love begins at home and that your true home is in your own heart. Love begins with you loving yourself just as you are, in a deep embrace that has no boundaries and no conditions, no beginning and no end.

This deep love for yourself and valuing of yourself is the foundation for everything in your life. When you love and respect yourself deeply, you treat others with respect as well, for you choose not to join in the competition to show who is better.

 You know, in the center of your secure and peaceful heart, that there is no better or worse, and that all of this striving for recognition and reward is simply a display of self doubt.

When unwelcome surprises come into your life, you demonstrate resilience, for you know that life is a journey full of challenges and the best way to show love for yourself is to rise to the challenges with truth and courage, to face everything as it comes, look it square in the eye and speak your truth quietly but firmly, shining out with your wonder to light the way through the dark, leading with a loving heart through the temporary fog that obscures the path.

Instead of blaming circumstances and other people for what has come your way, you simply go inside and see if your inner light is shining as brightly as it might. For here, inside, is the source of all: the source of all joy, the source of all pain. Here is the answer, the answer to every circumstance and every relationship, all here, shining brightly inside.

Your love, your deep abiding love for yourself is what feeds this flame. Not other people. Not outer circumstances. Just you. Just you alone in silence, going into your center of peace and saying, "Ah, at last I am home."