New Multi-Dimensional Energy

by Kittie Harris -

Progress of the Planet:

The new energy on our planet at this time is of amazing frequency. Those of us who can feel the difference are astounded. When we look into the source of this energy, we see that it is within us. It is nothing that is brought in from another place, yet we are just now experiencing it.

Why is that? 

It’s simply because we are now at a space in our evolution where we can access and withstand this energy. Previous attempts at drawing this energy to our planet were not successful because we as a planet have not been able to hold the energy of this frequency. As we have evolved, there have been more and more areas where this energy can be accessed, integrated and used.

It has empowered people to take grasp of their own lives and to move forward. 

In the past there has been much procrastinating because of fear that things will not work out for the best if we take that leap. We realize that changes must be made in order to change our dysfunctional lives, yet we, out of fear, continue to remain in that rut.

It is this new Multi-Dimensional energy that is empowering people to take charge of their lives and to jump out of the rut that they are in. As in everything, change takes time but with this new energy things happen more rapidly.


We have the knowingness to realize that if we keep doing things in the same old way, the results will be the same. This gives us the incentive to take that leap and experiment in new areas.

If that new choice doesn’t feel right, we are free to move on to other choices and other realities, which we are creating for ourselves.

In the realm of this new energy, we are being asked what it is that we want to have in our lives.

If we wish to continue in the uncertainty and chaos, then it is our choice to remain there. It is not right or wrong, it just is. In time all will see things differently, but now we are on individual paths of progression that lead to the same end result.

If we are to maintain the new frequency in our bodies, this planet will make rapid changes in progression. The more people who come into Lightbody, the easier it will be for succeeding people to take that course. It is said that one hundred is the magic number to see a great change in the whole, the collective unconscious. With the new energy, that number has changed to one.

It only takes one to change this world. 

Each person makes a dramatic impact on the rest of civilization. The more people who focus on Love, the more Love there will be on this planet. In the realm of things, we are at a dramatic time in the progress of Planet Earth.

Much will be decided by the actions of the people at this time. If love and acceptance is demonstrated, the planet will progress very quickly. 

Our planet is also moving into Lightbody. This is a group effort. As you send out Love and Light to all people, the planet goes into a change to match the vibration of what is being emanated by her people. This is true of all feelings that are sent forth.

With this time of new energy and very speedy manifestation of what we are thinking, it is of paramount importance to be completely aware of our thoughts and our words. They take form very quickly.

In the days to come, we will be quite aware of many changes. The direction of the changes are directly proportionate to the intensity of the emotional experiences of people and whether the feelings are love-based or fear-based. Humanity is at an important time in our evolution.

If we stay in the Love energy, we will accomplish much. 

Choices are very important at this time.

You will indeed create your own reality and it will happen quickly. All is in Divine Order. It is time to teach about the true meaning of love and compassion.

In all things, there is choice. 

We live on a planet of free will. Have we taken that free will for granted? Now is the time to be aware that we can change anything that we choose to change, both as an individual and as a planet. What one does, affects everyone else. This will become increasingly apparent to all of us as time goes forward, and in time, the knowingness will be there for all.

Be aware of the signs that are given to your civilization, as they are signposts to help you adjust to make better choices along the way. All of Earth is one.

If you treat all with the same compassion that you wish for your most loved, all would feel a great shift on your planet. It takes one person to start the chain reaction. In the realm of things, all is in order. This is very difficult to see at this time with the pain and suffering that mankind is experiencing.

If love is given, love will be returned. This is Universal Law. 

In brief, love all people. If there is a lesson to be learned from this, then perhaps that is the lesson. Time is of the essence right now because with the attributes of this Multi-Dimensional energy our predetermined future has been erased.

There is a fresh blank canvas and we all will paint humanity’s future by our emotions, thoughts and intentions.

In times of strife, it is important to see the bigger picture. In all things there is order.

All cultures have had tests to see if they are ready to accept the new energy being offered to this planet. It is in our demonstration that we will shape the future of the planet.

This is a very important time in the progress of the planet. It is in our hands what the outcome will be. Let the Light that you are shine brightly enough to affect all those in our world.