Our Relationship with Circumstances

by Debbie Milam -

There are many of you who are climbing through circumstances in your life that appear to be undesirable. As one who has climbed many times in my life I know how much you want things to change.

What I have found though is that the only thing we can change is ourselves, our perspective and our relationship to the circumstances in our lives. There are so many gifts that can be gained through your climb.

I rediscovered this wisdom last week while doing a walking meditation. I was walking amongst the rolling hills at our health club, covered by the shade of regal Banyan trees I felt enveloped by the majesty of nature. The summer breeze gently kissed my cheek as I began my daily conversation with God.

On this particular morning I was exhausted and not feeling physically strong. I asked God why there was struggle in life. In the quiet of my heart his loving words flowed through me.
Dear child, Fulfillment and inner peace does not happen because life is perfect. It unfolds moment by moment as you embrace and appreciate the fullness of your experience. 
What causes struggle and blocks you from experiencing complete joy is your desire for people and things to be different than they are. 
I know it has been hard for you, but keep climbing dear one. For in your climb you have received an abundance of gifts in the past and there are more to come. I celebrate your strength and I honor your courage as I walk beside you.
As these words reverberated in my soul, I continued to climb up the hills. My legs ached and I was so tired. But when I got to the top what I saw took my breath away.

The sun glistened like diamonds on the stillness of the lake, hundreds of tiny butterflies danced on the dew filled grass and dragonflies graced the air with their presence. I was in awe of the beauty.

This was my gift. I would not have been able to see these wonders from the vantage point of the sidewalk.

It was only when I had the courage to keep climbing that I was able to see the magnificence of the moment. 

Throughout my life, the gifts that have arisen from my climb have been extraordinary. It is the contrast of my experiences that have given birth to my inner strength, my connection to God, a deep appreciation of life and a profound level of fully present joy.

Do not be afraid of your climb, embrace it, be present in it and find the gift in the blessings as well as the pain. 

Then allow your emotions to flow with ease. As with everything in life these emotions will come and go.

What remains the same is the inner strength and peace that lies beneath these feelings. When you allow your emotions to arise, accept what is before you and ask God to bring only good from it, a new awareness begins to emerge.

It is an understanding that all is unfolding for your highest good in this present moment.

As you climb you have the choice to experience it as life enhancing or suffering.

If you choose to enhance your life through it and make peace with the circumstances you are experiencing undoubtedly something extraordinary will come forth.

May you find the strength, peace and courage to allow the highest good to unfold now and always. Peace and love to all.

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