Enjoying the Transition

by Declan Kerr -

This article is about the transition we are going through and the changes that we are experiencing. You may sense this as the coming of a new consciousness. You will be aware of time speeding up, of new energies and connections with spirit and you may feel like you've been twirled round a few times and you're not sure of your bearings.

The external symptoms we can see in the internal fissures in our institutions - finance, politics, health care, religion - and these serve us, for increasingly we are looking for transparency, honesty, simplicity in our lives.

Changes that are coming - it feels as though we are about 10 to 12% of our way along a collective journey - are also bringing a fresh sense of community, a wider environment, a lighter vibration and a new sense of what it is to be. Here are a few thoughts about going beyond surviving the transition.

Enjoying the transition, in ten simple steps:

1. Declare an amnesty and make peace with yourself. 

There is nothing missing. You have not missed the bus. You did not take a wrong turn 5 years ago. You are perfect as you are. You have everything you need. It can help to write out your amnesty and be specific about what you will forgive about yourself.

2. There is so much more to you than meets the eye. 

Find a place and time where you can close your eyes for 5 minutes. See before you a road going in one direction with two lanes. In the inside lane, the left-hand lane, put all of your thoughts. Everything.

Notice how the right hand lane, the outside lane, is free. When you are ready, drop into the right hand lane. Sink into it. There. In this space ask to know more of yourself.

3. Develop your inner resourcefulness and take all opportunities to do so.

Take responsibility for your life and for your choices. Now that your life is your responsibility what will you do, how do you choose to be? Seek out and use the light of your truth. If something does not feel 'right' then hold it up to the light to know how it serves you.

4. Dissolve duality and dissolve fear.

This way of thinking can take a little while to accommodate. It may help to think of duality as a tool by which we get experience. Something is too hot or too cold, tall or short, there is plenty for everyone or there will never be enough.

To get the experience of too much or too little we are also in the position of observing this one thing or another. So there are not two things going on but three, and the third is how we experience, by observing or taking part.

For instance, we persuade ourselves that love is conditional yet the conditions we place on love are of our making. You are in control of how much love you choose to experience.

5. Where is your energy? 

Sit and close your eyes. Do cords of energy which attach to you go from you to somewhere else? OK, where do they go? Are they attached to the past, a place where you feel safe because things there have already happened? Are they attached to the future, a place where you feel safe because things have not happened? Choose one cord and follow it to where it is attached. If it feels right unpick the sticky fingers of the cord from the attachment and bring your energy back.

Once you know how to do this, direct that all of your energy return back to you for your highest good. Now see two large rock faces and between them, in the centre, a gap. Walk through the gap into the light and space. You are now in the moment.

6. Appreciation is such a powerful ally.

Absorb life. Soak up the glorious sunset, the aching beauty, the inspiring emotion, the wonderful person, the care and love, the laughs, the catastrophes: appreciate, and you will not miss them.

7. When we meditate we communicate with the part of us and the part of everything else that is not seen. 

If you meditate you will know that you can send healing, open yourself to abundance, heal and change issues and situations in your life. We close our eyes to meditate because with our eyes open the brain engages and we begin to think.

Within the transition it will become increasingly possible for our brain to operate in both left and right hand sides simultaneously: things we do in meditation we will be able to do with our eyes open. This is co-creation.

8. Journey into the spaces. 

Increasingly we are moving into an understanding and appreciation of the spaces. The beauty of a flower may appear in the form and colour of the petals for instance and this beauty is made possible by the spaces which hold the form.

A quick way into this space is via your breath. Your breath is prana or life-form. Allow yourself to become more conscious of your breathing. Breathe in light. Next breathe in love. Now breathe in consciousness.

9. Born here on earth you were born in the same way in spirit.

You are a child of the earth and you are a child of the universe. You may access earth energies, these are your birthright, and being a product of feminine and masculine conception you can bring in the energies you need. The same is true of spirit: you are created of divine feminine and divine masculine energy. Being a child of earth and spirit you are a bridge between spirit and matter.

10. Open your heart to love to receive, love for giving, and love to honour, and you are in the flow of life. 

As a three-dimensional being you are a portal for a new dimension and should you choose this energy will flow through your heart. The ascension of earth - when the consciousness shifts to another dimension - we will witness as a web of light around the world. Others will help this shift as they anchor the third dimensional base or starting plate. They too will ascend with the planet.

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