Living Courageously

by Gary Zukav -

Every difficult experience - from divorce, business failure, job loss, illness, to the death of a child - every unexpected and painful circumstance is an opportunity to develop emotional awareness, make responsible choices, consult intuition and create authentic power.

Everyone appreciates help in looking at difficult circumstances, no matter what they are. We need to develop and utilize tools to explore your courage gently and practice using it to create authentic power - the alignment of your personality with your soul.

Once you understand your courage and its purpose you will want to use it continually to change yourself in ways that are currently beyond your imagination but not your capability.

This is an age of unprecedented transformation, awakening and responsibility for using all of our experiences to grow spiritually. It is truly a time to live courageously.

Creating Authentic Power

We must expand our awareness and understanding about creating authentic power and how to use your courage to create more joy and less pain in your life, more meaning and less emptiness, more love and less fear.

One of the themes that continue to appear is the emotional pain that so many people are experiencing. Emotional pain of any sort is always the result of a frightened part of your personality (an interior dynamic), even though it appears to be caused by a person or circumstance that is outside of your control.

Attempting to change the person or circumstance is the pursuit of external power (the ability to manipulate and control).

Learning to experience and heal the interior dynamic that is actually generating the pain is the pursuit of authentic power.

The global recession, global warming and wars, among other things, appear to be the causes of fear and emotional pain in hundreds of millions of individuals but the frightened parts of your personality that these events trigger are the actual sources of it in you.

As you strive to recognize and heal these internal sources of pain, you free yourself to respond more creatively, effectively and constructively to the many circumstances that need immediate change in our world.