Free Yourself from the Illusion

by Lynn Claridge -
All experiences of suffering are created by your minds lack of awareness in seeing who you really are.  
Feeling separate and discounted is how you create failure after failure in life. Once you untangle yourself from this belief, you can move on.   


  • Quieting the incessant chattering in your mind. 

Your ego is a thought program, like a computer. It just spits out information and computes ideas that are about the past and future. The mind/ego is a limited construction of ideas and beliefs about who you are.

The more you can silence the chattering mind, the less likely you are to become trapped in your ego. Only through the constant release of the ego can you live in true spiritual enlightenment. You become aligned with the truth and you infinite spiritual being.

  • Embrace and release all you fears. 

As you may have heard, fear really stands for false evidence appearing real. To find what you are afraid of, open yourself up to intimate conversation. Eventually you will be able to see into yourself again and understand truly what you are running from.

Once you know what you are running away from, run towards it, and embrace it. It will dissolve the fear from your life allowing you to move forward.

  • Embrace and release all mental, emotional and physical attachment or aversions to everyone and everything in your life. 

As a human being you will become attached to people, you will care about what they say, do or think about you. This happens because you have an automatic habit of trying to avoid what is painful and stay with what is pleasurable.

The problem arises when you become too attached to having what is pleasurable all the time. Pain and suffering is the universe telling you to let go! The purpose of pain is not about creating more suffering, it is about creating change, this change is necessary for you to drop your ego-trip and return to your spiritual source again.

This allows you to start enjoying your life.

You experience pain because of one thing, ignorance. Think of the word ignore add a little dance to it and you get ignorance. When you ignore the truth of your being, your ignorance transmits into suffering. To transcend this ignorance and find spiritual enlightenment again, you need to find a deep awareness.

With this profound state of consciousness, you can let go. The truth is, all you need to do is to re-discover the truth of who you are.

  • Freedom from unconscious myths and everyday stories of separation.

What was your story of failure or separation? Usually when you hear your parents and siblings having problems, you attach yourself to it, this is where the separation beings. Your parents would have sent you off to an education system (which by the way only works 15% of your brains potentiality and capacity), this system is to support and help you learn about life.

What society never taught you was how to be still inside, quieten your mind and emotions, meditate; focus on who you are or how to achieve inner bliss.

Society leads you to believe that success and truth is all about status, money and career. While these are important, the reality is, success is defined by how fulfilled you are as a human being.

  • You need to stop thinking that thinking is a way of getting what you want.

Thinking has become the norm. It has become abnormal in society to sit and be silent. You might find you run away from meditation because you cannot quieten your mind and you feel you are losing control of it.

The ironic thing is, that all of the suffering, chaos and illness in life are cause be a lack of control and awareness of the mind. Instead of tuning to silence to find the answers, you’re taught to think more and know more, so you can achieve what you want. You are not taught to discover about being in the here and now.

  • Do not hide from your true power in a safe little fishbowl. 

Thoughts are safe, while experiences are real and unsafe. You will find it easier not to take the risk of getting hurt by diving into the ocean of experience in life. Not only you but also everyone stays comfortable in a fishbowl because it gives you and them a sense of confidence and security.

Life is like an uncontrollable rollercoaster ride because you do not know the future.

In other words, you do not know how to respond to experiences that occur outside your fishbowl. Instead, you think about an experience without having one. Through television, films and books you hide from your powerful spirit and pretend to be complete.

  • Let go of the need to be right all the time. 

Being right can be the hardest ego trip to get off. To get off, means that you need to be wrong sometimes. If everyone tells you from birth to death that life is a struggle and that it is hard, painful and unfair, you will believe them.

So how can you relax and let go and trust yourself? 

You think you must fight to get what you want. If life is serious, you are probably going to gain love, success and freedom by stepping on or over others. The world is a community of beings, it is a playground, a play and a stage where you can choose any role you desire.

  • Replace with the positive. 

Lack of awareness (ignorance) of your ever-present connection, stems from a lack of inner peace, power and playfulness, which can create low energy, this means you stay asleep. When you do not respond with awareness, you just react unconsciously from past habits of being a victim and you create more experiences of being a victim.

The truth is, you are really a human program. You have the same thoughts day after day. This creates a seriously deep rut in your life, and the only way out is through being responsible for your thoughts and by choosing more empowering thoughts to help you move forward.

  • Choosing to suffer and stay unconscious. 

Your society loves people who step out of line. The people around you often criticize you the moment you try to break out of the societal of unconscious living. The unconscious way is acceptable, it’s advertised on the television, films, news, media, radio and newspapers. However, we can all agree on one thing, and that is everything you need to end your suffering is inside of you, not outside of you!

You may be caught up in the rat race to reach a certain status and to give you the luxury you want, this you believe will rid you of suffering. This never works. The cheese you are after just gets bigger. I am sure you are aware by now that suffering comes from constant desire. When you desire less, you remember again how connected you are to your spiritual self

To have spiritual enlightenment, means waking up from the rat race. It takes a lot of effort to go against what you believe to be true. The great part however, is that the universe will not let you down.

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