Heavenly Support

by Doreen Virtue -

When you ask for heavenly support, your prayers are always answered, usually through Divine guidance which are repetitive thoughts, ideas, feelings, insights and signs guiding us to take specific action. Often the guidance seems to have nothing to do with the prayer. That’s because God and the angels can see the big picture and know which steps are necessary to manifest your intentions.

During your prayers, ask this question of God: “What can I do right now to create my desired life change?” Then notice any thoughts, words, feelings, or visions that occur. To hear Divine guidance, you’ve got to be willing to hear suggestions that may involve making lifestyle changes. So you may be guided to leave an unhealthful situation, eat more healthfully, or become more assertive for example.

These suggested changes are threatening to our ego’s fears. 

That’s why it’s important to continuously ask for angelic support, because heaven will give you the courage and strength to make healthful changes.

I’ve met people who received Divine guidance to make life changes and yet they felt stuck or afraid, so they didn’t take action. They disconnected from heaven after making their initial prayer and hearing their divine guidance. That’s stopping short, though!

Keep asking for help, each step of the way. 

Once you get your Divine assignment, say: “Dear God and angels, please help me to make this change in a harmonious and peaceful way.” They’ll create unexpected doorways which you can then easily walk through.

When I wanted to work in a spiritually based way, I asked God and the angels what to do. I clearly heard that I was to give up my mainstream jobs. Not knowing how to replace the income that these jobs afforded, though, I initially balked. But the guidance persisted, so I asked for heaven’s help. The guidance was clear: walk in faith and quit my jobs and the support would then follow.

It was frightening and one magazine that I worked for even threatened me with a lawsuit for quitting my contract! I continuously asked God for help with every detail and always received unexpected support. The lawsuit threats went away and the magazine hired a wonderful replacement writer easily.

Within a month of quitting my mainstream jobs, The Whole Life Expo hired me as a professional spiritual speaker. That was in 1996 and I’ve been happily employed in spiritually based work ever since.

Yet, if I hadn’t followed my guidance, I’d still be stuck in my unfulfilling jobs, wondering why God was ignoring my prayers. For years, Archangel Michael has guided us to face anything in our lives that isn’t working and to take care of either healing or leaving toxic situations. If you allowed things to fester at home and work, then you’re dealing with the clean-up right now.

This is a time of completion and the solution is to surrender, trust and let-go.

God and the angels love us unconditionally, even if we’ve ignored their guidance in the past. So if you’re dealing with harsh circumstances or frightening life changes right now, you’re not alone. Many people are in similar situations. And God and the angels are right there with you, ensuring that your needs are always met.

No matter what you’re currently enduring, heaven offers solutions and support by giving you inner guidance consisting of ideas, thoughts, intuition and signs from above.

For instance:

  • What ideas have come to you lately?
  • What reoccurring feelings or thoughts have you had about taking action? (Even seemingly insignificant action)
  • What changes are you considering making, or are you currently making?

The answers to these questions form the steps upon the path of your desires, intentions and manifestations. Even positive change can create stress, however. Psychologists call this “eustress,” similar to what we experience during the holiday season. So during this time of great change, be sure to schedule in play time, even if you are super busy.

Play is the angels’ way of bringing heaven to earth.

Although I was swamped this week with pressing book deadlines, I left my office with my son Charles and friend Cheryl to go scuba diving off the Kona coast. My reward? We got to swim for nearly an hour underwater with a pod of playful dolphins! I could feel their healing energy and delighted as we twirled belly to belly in the turquoise sea. When I returned to my office the next day, I was filled with renewed energy and fresh insights.

Each time I teach mediumship class, the primary message delivered to our classes from the other side is clear: 

ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Enjoy each and every moment as life truly is a gift. Don’t postpone your happiness, awaiting things to settle down or change. Enjoy this moment right now as it’s absolutely perfect in its own unique way.

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