The Star Within

by Gloria Wendroff -

Ask your own heart for advice and ask not so much advice from others. You have been taught to look to others. I am teaching you to look to yourself. There is a sage within you. Call upon the sageness of your own heart.

Truly, when you ask others for advice frequently, you are playing an ask-for-advice game. Do you really think that others have more sense than you? I think deep down you know better.

This is not to say that you cannot learn from others. Keep your ears open but be your own advisor.

Take counsel of yourself. Listening too much to others is like turning all your money over to them. You would think twice about that. It is your money, after all, not theirs. It is very easy for others to know how you should spend your money. But it is your money. And your life is yours.

Do not be cavalier with your own heart and your own life. 

You are the decision-​maker.​ Decide to take responsibility for your decisions. At the very least, if you make a mistake, it is your own mistake and does not belong to another.

Mistake, as it is used in the world, is not the right word. It implies that you took a turn you shouldn't have. But mistake really means that you mistook something for something else. That is not irrevocable.

Even if you find yourself in the middle of a forest, how do you know that that was a mistake? How do you know that it is not a blessing, if not for you, then for someone else?

The reason you do not want to look so much to others for advice is because you need to bless yourself with more confidence in the God within. Confide more in your own heart, and listen to it.

Even if the whole world tells you one thing and your own heart tells you another, follow your own heart. Otherwise, you abandon yourself. When you put yourself, your mind, your heart, in someone else's hands, in a sense, you are washing your hands of yourself. Do not abdicate your life anymore than you would a throne.

To whom do you belong if not to yourself?

Well, of course, you belong to Me but that is another story. We are so connected that I am yourself and I know you and I know We are One. You are beginning to imbue Our Oneness. But others may not yet know their Oneness with you or with Me. Know your Oneness with them and yet respect the sovereignty of your own heart. It beats.

Respect others but bow to none.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within. It is within you. It is not without you.

All stars follow the lodestar. That is how I set stars in motion. But I set a lodestar within each of My children. The lodestar you follow is not out there; it is in here. There is a star of Bethlehem in your heart. Follow it and it will lead you to great adventure and great discovery. You will surely discover the wondrousness you are.

Oh, there is so much undiscovered territory within your own heart! 

Such great unexplored vastness lies within you. Begin to peek in. Your heart is just beginning to hatch. The discovery it makes is itself.

You are the discoverer and you are the discovery. 

You are all of it. What an amazing thing! Let that star within your heart shine and you will see beyond any expanse outside you. You will see the farthermost points of the star within.

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