Creative Reminders

by Kelly M Beard - 

Karmic Tools and Assistance on Your Evolutionary Path:

Everything is shifting dramatically

 and we all seem to do better 

when we have A REMINDER ...

R E M E M B E R  TO:

  • Stay centered
  • Let things register within
  • Marinate ideas & decisions (before moving forward)
  • Clarify your intent
  • Check in with your Higher Self
  • Check in with the current energies
  • Give your goals time & energy
  • Focus on what you DO want

New things, ideas, concepts, circumstances and people become no longer necessary as you connect more strongly to your Divine Truth and Purpose! You will continue to be stripped of the non-essential. And what IS essential to you will be further revealed.

Relationships continue to evolve - revolve - dissolve - or resolve!

There is a considerable amount of transformation going on in your most intimate relationships as well as your other partnerships and collaborations. You will find collaborations growing organically ~ follow your intuition! This is an opportunity to create like never before. Other relationships have run their course for now and their energy is being released to be recycled for a more effective energy to emerge.

Be prepared to continue some of the "dirty work". 

You have cleared more debris than EVER and because of this, I am noticing that extremely OLD and buried issues are coming to the surface for everyone. DON'T PANIC! This is a good thing. And this week you have even more power to BANISH all past traumas and dramas. They are truly done and finished and over. You are in a completely NEW ENERGY!

It is also time to be disciplined and focused. 

There is no time for petty distractions or silliness. Time is of the essence for planting and nurturing what you want to grow in your life. This is the time to do the work, get your hands dirty and create!

Drink lots of water and take as many moments of meditation as possible. It's not slowing down any time soon, so you have to TAKE time as it will not be given. Do not shirk this part - you MUST practice "feeling" your goals have been accomplished and you're already where you want to be. (Cuz you ARE!)

As we clear karmic debris, we create a space where it is clean and clear and ready for the fresh and new to be built or attracted in. Taurus/Scorpio energies teach us about sacrifice for what we truly value, as well as the lesson of hard work rewarded.

This is the time when I remind people that seeds germinate in the darkness. This energy perfectly illustrates the relationship between the seeds developing below the Earth's surface, to produce a physical, tangible result (eventually) above the Earth's surface. We have access to this powerful energy to ...


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