Anchoring Power and Courage Amidst Life's Storms

by Carrie Hart -
Standing Tall:

No matter what happens in the world, you are still you. No matter how strong the winds blow, you are still connected to your higher self, your soul self. See yourself now, with a bright ball shining above you and a golden shaft pouring down from that ball into your head and down your spine, down your legs and through your feet and into the earth.

 See how tall you stand. See how the golden energy warms and fills you. See how brightly you glow.

Now, see that around you there is a great storm. A powerful wind blows through, causing the trees to sway. But still you stand tall, the golden shaft of energy running all the way through you, anchoring you in strength and courage. See how you are warm and glowing, even though the storm rages around you.

You carry your own energy and power.

Wind and rain, lighting and thunder but still you stand tall because your source of energy is not from outside you. It cannot be touched. And now see that the storm has ended, as they always do.

 The sky is blue, the breeze is gentle and the trees are still, full of birds singing out to greet the dawn. And still you stand, connected and centered, grounded and glowing.

You carry your own safety and security within you. You carry your own energy and power. You have the ability, the power, to be full of confidence and courage, love, peace and joy, no matter what is happening outside, for you contain your own fuel.

See now why your soul self has such a glow. 

Look up and see how that bright glowing ball above you is a part of an even greater glow, an endless and vast power, infinite being, infinite love, infinite light. And it all flows down and down and into you.

All you have to do to receive this great grace is relax and be open to the love and light that you are, right now and always. Say it, say it now: I am.