Do You Trust Your Intuition?

by Mariana Cooper -

As you go through the decisions that you make in your daily life how much do you rely on your Intuition? Do you feel focused and strong in the choices that you make? Or do you feel that you have to deliberate, analyze, weigh out pros and cons, get lots of opinions from friends or family and scare yourself into a decision?

Maybe you are one to make a quick decision and then second guess it to the point that you undo what you believed in? Well you are not alone!

We all have had our rounds of confusion and analysis paralysis. The one conclusion is that logic alone does not work. And the answer is to learn how to use a tool that you were actually born with. That tool is your Intuition.

We hear the words surrender, trust and let go all the time. But what does that really mean? And what are we surrendering to? Our logic tells us this is dangerous. So our best attempts to "Let Go" last a few minutes and then we are back to trying to "figure it all out!"

Your intuition is comprised of the energetic senses that you were born with to assist you in staying connected to your higher or inner self. 

We can refer to that self as a number of names, "Divine Guidance," God, The Universe etc. I refer to it as Spirit. But essentially it is all the same thing. We are always connected to that power greater than our physical selves and that connection is our Intuition.

I have taught classes on "Letting Go" etc and while people have the best of intentions the thing that really holds them back is a Lack of Trust. That is because we do not understand the mystery of our Intuition. So here are 5 key points for you to consider that will hopefully help you get a better handle on the most powerful sense that you have.

1. Your Intuition is your direct and absolute link to communication with Spirit. 
2. Your Intuitive senses over lay over your physical senses. 
We get energetic or intuitive feelings through energetic sight (like de ja vu), energetic hearing (you hear a small voice that gives you a warning or feels like a hunch to follow), energetic feeling (a gut feeling in your stomach that feels like butterflies or goose bumps) and energetic knowing (feeling like you just know how to do something or how a situation will turn out without learning or cause). 
3. Everyone is born with Intuition and has the ability to develop it to be strong and reliable. 
4. Intuition is always the most efficient and accurate advice that you can get about any issue, concern or desire. 
5. Our society encourages us to ignore our intuition and focus strictly on logic. We disengage from our energetic senses and end up feeling very confused, anxious and taking a very long slow road to happiness.

Harness the Power of Your Intuition

Your Intuition Is Always Working Whether You Focus on It or Not! 

When you harness the power of your intuition you are able to fully access your personal power. Not using your intuition is like having eyes and ears and ignoring or fighting their functions.

Your eyes and ears are on your head and whether you are concentrating on using them or not they are always working. They become very powerful tools when you deliberately focus your sight or hearing! Think of how hard it would be to watch a wonderful movie or listen to a beautiful symphony without your ears or eyes!

Unwavering Trust begins with Knowing Your Intuition and How to Use It! 

So many people call me for readings and want me to "confirm" for them that their future outcomes of various hopes or problems will be exactly as I predict.

This is so disempowering. Real trust comes from having a direct communication with Spirit yourself through understanding, recognizing and knowing how to use and rely on your Intuition!

I have done hundreds of intuitive readings for clients and the ones who really do the best after the reading is over are the ones who take responsibility for themselves and use their intuition in combination with their creative problem solving tools like logic to decide what to do next.

Inspired Action vs. Frantic Chaos

When we ignore our Intuition we feel anxious, confused and uneasy. We may feel intellectually that it is the "right decision" but something still doesn't feel certain. So we decide to take lots and lots of action to "leave no stone unturned." This creates that "going by the seat of your pants or chicken without a head feeling."

When we use our Intuition it may seem illogical but our decision feels right. It feels like a sense of knowing or certainty that you may not be able to describe. And your actions feel inspired. You feel led as opposed to running after an outcome. You feel "guided" to take "Inspired Action" and your hunch feels like a knowing instead of a reckless risk.

Empower Yourself! 

When you take the time to learn about, understand and tap into your Intuition you will find that your decisions and actions are so much easier to make! You will live so much more powerfully and efficiently.

Your tasks will be done in a fraction of the time because you will be working from certainty instead of fear! You may consider the opinions of others for a perspective but you will know that your Intuition has the final say!

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