Between Panic and Joy

by Jennifer Hoffman -

I was talking to a friend about the energies this past week, because they were so unsettled and so much seemed to be on the verge of happening but not quite ready to appear.

I described myself as being halfway between joy and panic, straddling the middle line between knowing that everything was going to be OK and yet not sure whether a full blown panic attack was going to be part of the next step.

She agreed that this was what she was feeling, knowing that something was getting ready to happen and the waiting was frustrating her as well.

We're in the 'hurry up and wait' part, where we have cleared out so much yet are still working through the remnants of the last of the energies. We are feeling the urgency of our task so we want to hurry up, thinking that this will create the opening that will begin the inflow of changes we know are coming.

Then the 'wait' part hits us because we are learning about patience, divine timing, shifting our concept of when and how things happen and remembering that as co-creators, we are partners and the Universe isn't always following behind us, instantly responding when we want it to.

This is our charge to lead and we really are making so much progress but as we step into multi-dimensional living and multi-linear time, our lives are taking on many more facets than we are accustomed to considering.

Where before we could see past, present and future, now we can are aware of all points in between and more. Everything is a possibility at this level and we need to develop laser sharp focus and get specific about what we want to create.

The Universe is urging us to be willing to release, clear, heal in preparation for what is coming next. Not because it is going to happen in the next five minutes but because each level of energy we clear brings so much more into our field of potential.

What do we do? 

We do the clearing work and we wait for the signs that will show us the next steps on our journey.

While we are waiting we stay focused on what we want to create, refine our vision for our reality until it becomes so tangible and clear than when it does arrive, we will realize that we have already been in it.