Major Change Is Imminent

by Mashubi Rochell -

Loving Assistance for This Transition:

God's timing is not known to most human beings, however the intuition, the heart and sometimes even the body are able to sense, feel and know when a change is imminent.

Such is the time you are in now, where major changes in your world are imminent and many souls are registering and preparing for the new that will arrive. It is not known when such changes will occur, only that they will.

This time of transition is meant to lead humanity forward into a new time of love, light and peace. To many, this may sound like a fairy tale that can never be, because of the entrenched problems that currently exist in the world.

That is why the Realms of Light and many souls and beings from many places have gathered, out of love, to assist in the New Earth. Some of these souls are incarnating now or have incarnated within the past ten years, for this very purpose.

 Many of you reading this message have also come for this purpose, each fulfilling their unique divine plan and purpose to bring love, light and healing to the Earth.

There is an enormous amount of loving assistance that is being offered to the Earth at this moment, and despite the enormous challenges of the time, the strength of love and light is growing stronger.

Energies of light are more accessible and even though there are still many limitations in place that prevent a complete expansion, the light is still infusing everything in the physically manifest world.

As the vibration of all physical matter is being raised, so is the consciousness of humanity also being uplifted. 

The Process of Purification

The process of purification is revealing the most severe and extreme manifestations of separated consciousness and the heart of humanity is awakening to the understanding that All is One.

The current time is one that sees both the collapse of old structures that no longer serve the consciousness of love and also the preparation for a new time.

Many lightworkers and faithful servants of God are intuitively preparing for a new phase of life. God's love is ever present and growing and is available to you even more so in these uncertain times.

May you be blessed with God's love, light and truth and the fulfillment of your heart's desire and your soul's divine plan. With all love and blessings, Amen.