Conscious Stillness

by Peggy Black -

It is within the moments of stillness that balance is restored. In the future days as the energy flooding your earth increases, those who walk this timeframe will experience much chaos and the seeming out of balance of daily and global events.

It is most important to develop the skill of maintaining your personal balance in the midst of these difficult and changing times. We invite you to make a practice of stillness, be quiet for a few minutes several times a day.

As you practice and use this simple tool, it will become easier and quicker to reach your state of balance. Stillness allows your body/ mind/ emotions/ spirit to realign.

When you notice you are feeling the most stressed, the most harried, that is truly the time to pause, become quiet and reset. 

 Practicing conscious stillness

This practice keeps your circuits open for guidance. This will become as natural as your breath and you will carry a balanced energy field which will assist you in your personal interface with life experiences and it will assist the global matrix, the global energy field to resonate a state of balance.

Like all things in the hologame, this practice of stillness will shift the whole. 

 Small simple dedicated actions infused with joy, gratitude, and appreciation will ripple outward from your life, shifting and transforming all other energy it touches.

You and others who practice conscious stillness will offer an example, a safe harbor and a balanced frequency for others to entrain and resonate with. Your numbers will increase as you offer balance to the energy fields you interact with in your daily activities.

We encourage you to practice conscious stillness. This exercise will open many more doors of awareness for you and strengthen your connection with your guidance.

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