Steps for Nurturing Higher Consciousness

by Dr. Annette Colby -

As many of you are already aware, we are living in an extraordinary time of great evolutionary change. We are in transition from one stage of consciousness to another. The old way of life is ending and new way is being born. 

This transition is occurring not only in the external world, as witnessed by our rapidly shifting reality, but also within our internal world. 

These challenging times ask us to look within, and to think more deeply about who we are, why we are here, and where humanity is headed. We are living in a time where a higher stage of human awareness is unfolding. 

A higher consciousness means moving beyond our tried and true ways of seeing the world and gaining a greater sense of clarity with new insights and understandings. 

What this really means is that we have reached an age where the old is going, and the new is in the process of being built. There is a future being created that we are all a part of.

This evolution of change is happening not only around us, but also within us. It’s a transition where we leave behind the sense of “who I am” to become something more. 

We release our self-image of needing to be a “good” person, step beyond conformity and structure, and discover our true nature. With this new awareness reality is seen differently and new possibilities emerge. Changes in patterns of thought, emotions and behavior occur. 

With higher conscious awareness we allow our light to shine through.

This transition and transformation is personal and can often be painful. We release the residue left by childhood wounds, the influence of society, and the fears held within to uncover the divinity within. 

By understanding what is happening to ourselves, humanity, and Earth, we are able collaborate with evolution with a measure of self-assuredness—becoming conscious participants and helping to ease the process. 

Below are several ways that we can lead ourselves into an awakened state of future possibilities and expanded love.

1. Pay Attention to Your Senses 

Higher consciousness is about being more aware. We’re used to seeing the world around us in a certain way. Increase awareness by keeping your senses open. 
  • Look around and seek the possibilities. 
  • Listen to the sounds around you, in you, inside and outside. 
  • Smell the air in the room and notice if it feels alive or stagnant, warm or cool, heavy or light.
2. Look around and notice your surroundings, both near and far. 
  • How far out onto the horizon do you typically look? 
  • How often do you notice the ants or a tiny grain of sand? 
  • What looks different since you last noticed the things around you? 
  • Have the plants grown? 
  • Are the bookshelves dusty? 
Notice the different colors, textures, and shapes. 

Touch a few of the objects around you and notice how they feel. Slow down and taste your food more fully. Inhale the aroma, enjoy the colors, feel the temperature, and taste the subtle flavors.

3. Pay Attention to the Choices that Feel Good and Right to You 

We often live our lives on autopilot, doing things the same way because that’s the way we’ve always done them. 

Our thoughts and actions are reactionary, keeping us locked within the same level of consciousness. To expand your level of awareness, check in with yourself before making your next choice. 
  • Do you really want to say “yes” to that unexpected request because it feels right inside of you, or are you saying “yes” because you think you are supposed to? 
  • Do you like how your furniture and pictures are arranged or is it just easier to keep them the way they are? 
  • Does your body want to eat that next bite of food… and if so, how do you know? 
Paying attention to the choices that feel good and right to you is how you learn to trust your heart and your spirit.

4. Pay Attention to Nature 

Your spirit is the feeling of inner peace that exists beyond your everyday aches, pains, and so called negative emotions. 

Your spirit is the love that you seek, the connection that you crave, and who you really are. 

If you are wanting more connection with your authentic self, then being outdoors is a powerful way to nurture your spirit. Being in nature allows you to see beyond your human condition and remember that there is more going on than the current immediate drama of your life. 

 There is more to who you are than the non-stop mental chatter going on in your head. When we’re in nature, we breathe more deeply. We inhale life and recognize that we are a part of life itself.

5. Pay Attention to Your Intuition  

We can’t think our way into higher consciousness. It is gained as we embrace and nurture what is authentic within. 

We step beyond the patterns and cycles of our lives, and move beyond our short-term survival mode by learning how to listen to, and act upon, our intuition. 

Intuition is our ability to get a sense, understanding, or feeling about something. Intuition is about making new choices that move you forward into advantageous possibilities. 

As you pay more attention to your intuition, you are able to make heart-based decisions that lead to greater self-respect, uncover your natural talents, and enrich your relationship with yourself and life.

Conscious awareness is a feeling of being alive and bringing your spirit into your body, into life, and into humanity. Calmness, peace of mind and decreased worry, anxiety and stress are some of the byproducts of becoming more conscious. 

Follow the steps above and lead yourself into a world of new possibilities and expanded love.