Light and Dark on the World Stage

by Julie Redstone - 


When you look at the national or world stage with a contemplative eye, it is possible to see which forces, positions, people and points of view polarize a discussion and which perspectives unify and create greater harmony.

This is a signpost to the operation of light and darkness in the public arena. 

Words, positions and arguments that create fear, that sub-divide a nation into irreconcilable groups or a planet into groups that are acceptable and those who are not are infused by the ongoing energy of separation and fear which is another way of describing the energy of darkness.

Light unifies. 

It creates greater wholes. It builds a willingness to trust and a need to accord to all the presumption of fundamental humanity, based on respect.

It seeks to redefine what 'enemies' are, and to do away with that term in favor of a deeper explanation of human motives.

It recognizes forces that seek to limit freedom and that seek to disrespect the rights of others but it does not rely on hatred or fear in order to respond to these forces.

The 'we' and 'them' mentality is a hallmark of the time of separation. 

We are leaving that time and entering one in which there are no exclusions, since all is held in God. 

To enter this time fully, fear must be let go of, not activated and so wherever fear is activated and promoted, the contemplative eye must recognize the backlash of forces that are seeking to prevent the expansion of light.

To see the drama of light and darkness on the world stage and to remain at peace, one must know deeply within one's being that light is stronger than darkness. 

This may not show itself immediately in every situation but the thrust of growth, evolution and transformation is and will be the overturning of all that limits freedom on an individual level and on a collective level as well.

All that promotes fear and division is being replaced by light's purposes.

We enter this time humbly and gratefully, standing with the forces of light that may be seen through the remaining conflicts that are still present on the world stage. Namaste.