Longing for Love

by Gloria Wendroff - 

Sometimes your heart drowns in its longing for love. Longing replaced the love. Now replace the longing with love itself. Let your heart soar in love.

From this day forward, speak in the silent language of love, and your heart will fill itself and overflow all boundaries.

Previously, you relegated your love to the corners. You made your heart go to its room and stay there, as if it needed to learn how to behave, when all it needed was to be allowed to love with all its might. You, only you, have withheld love from your heart. You alone denied the love in your heart.

You thought your heart was an insurgent, perhaps an animal of the wild. Perhaps you thought you were to tame it. All the while, your heart was meant to tame you.

Submit to the love in your heart, and all the love you crave will flourish in your heart and stream forth. There is no need for your heart to ache. Love is yours.

You have been shy and embarrassed by the love in your heart. You gave it instructions to be less noticeable. You've hidden it with straw. Your heart wanted to play so much, you were afraid for it. And so you sentenced it to tightness.

When you tightened your heart and prevented it from loving everywhere at will, you hardened it. To one degree or another, you hardened your heart. Your heart was never meant to be hard. Your heart was meant to be soft, and to soften other hearts.

Your heart was a cub that went everywhere, loved everywhere, found adventure everywhere. Your heart was a pioneer intended to lead the way. Only, after a while, your vibrant heart found that you were not following. Then it sat down and cried.

The heart knew its purpose was to love. It knew its purpose was not to sit by the wayside, hitchhiking love.

Why, your heart knew it was the originator of love, the giver of love, the heir to love, the crowned prince of love, now consigned to sitting with its hand out, disguised as a beggar, a straggler, shrouded in shadow, as if love were an uncomely thing. That is indeed something to weep over. The end to the reign of the heart is to weep over.

Come now, take love out and place it on your mantelpiece. 

Let it be the first thing that is seen when another heart enters your house. Let love be the first thing that is seen when other saddened eyes alight on yours. Hide love no longer.

Make your heart and the hearts of others privileged guests. Give them the seat of honor. Never mind the packages hearts come in. Hearts matter, not the packaging.

The core of all hearts matters, the beautiful seeds of love or iris bulbs waiting for the sun to bring them out of the earth. Yes, your heart is an iris waiting to be let out of its encasing. Seeds and bulbs of love lie dormant in your heart.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Everyone has a heart. Why would My children try to hide one heart from another? Love is not a secret you can keep. Less than love is only a pretense, a subterfuge.

It is My love in your heart that you have refused to shine. It is not your own heart you refrain from. It is not your own love that you knot. It is Mine. Let My love flow in your heart now.