Collective Resonant Field

Guiding Principles to Establish and Sustain a Collective Resonant Field

1. We shift our perception and identity of ourselves to one of being Essence, as “fractals” or unique pieces of one collective intelligence/body, “holders” of the frequency field and imaginal cells unifying into one body.

2. We maintain awareness of our breath, consciously breathing, particularly focusing on the exhale, as this activates our parasympathetic nervous system, the grounding calming reflex. We experience our collective breath and move into the awareness that we are “being breathed” together.

3. We trust the all - pervading intelligence of the field and that we will receive exactly what we need to receive and know what we need to know in the moment. There is no preparation needed. 

We allow and open to whatever emerges or wants to happen next. We are open to outcome, yet not attached to outcome. We realize and experience the perfection of this present moment. There is no place to get to.

4. Each of us contributes to the resonant coherency of the field – in sustaining, strengthening or lowering the coherency level. Our every thought, feeling, movement and word is continuously impacting the field. 

We practice increasing our awareness of when we drop out of coherency - such as through a quickened pace, a rushing, too many words, excessive movement, etc. We recognize this as it registers in our body as stress, tension, tightness, or shortening of breath.
We pause.

In this moment of pause, we breathe deeply into our hearts. We remember the appreciation we feel for one another and allow that appreciation to infuse our hearts with love. We consciously recalibrate our energy, bringing ourselves back to the present. In this, we hone and strengthen this meta skill - the capacity to regain resonance.

5. Feel into, access and then speak from the silence and the intelligence of the resonant field. We trust the silence, the pauses, and the space between the words. 

Allow a pause to permeate the field between sharing. Let another's speaking/contribution “land” in the field. Respond to and from the field from what has come before, what is rising from within and what is coming through higher awareness.

6. We practice quintessential communication, speaking to the essence of what wants to be expressed from our experience in the moment. 

We relate no stories unless it forwards the intentional field. We discern between egoic motivation and Essence when sensing the impulse to speak. We ask: “Will what I share nurture, strengthen and forward the building of this resonant field?” There is no need to impress each other or have a ‘right answer’. 

We practice perceiving the distinctions between noticing when we are attached or have the ‘need’ to speak and when we have something valuable to add. 

We recognize within ourselves and each other that there is equal power and contribution in embodying silence as well as speaking. In essence, our speaking serves to sustain the resonance, frequency, coherence and vitality of the field.

7. We trust the process and embrace any perceived dissonance in order to find a higher level of resonance through deep listening, understanding and returning into our still deep centers. 

Through our risk taking and being willing to lean in together, the stimulus and integration in the field provides material and fresh dynamics, which makes way for the group to find the next level of its evolutionary development.

8. We listen deeply -for the genius in what is being said and as if another who is speaking is bringing forth a needed piece in that moment. 

We listen for the transmission and attune to the frequency in what is being said, not getting lost in or stuck by language we do not understand. We feel for frequency, rather than language.

9. We truly SEE one another as we cultivate the practice of witnessing one another’s magnificence, genius and essence.

10. We imagine that our collective intent is already done and manifest here, now. Experience what this awareness feels like in our bodies. Become familiar with this as our “new norm.” Act and speak from this awareness.

contributing authors: Joanne Brem, Ami Marcus, Patricia Ellsberg, Shiloh Boss, Mark DuBois, and Brad Nye, in communion with Reba Vanderpool, Eric Lawyer, Claudia Welss, Gary Malkin, Davin Infinity and Sheri Herndon

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