Energy Transfer and the Power of the Moment

Over the past couple of decades, researchers have found the energy transmitted by people through their emotions has a direct impact on those people they come in contact with.

There are many cases of people improving the health of others by simply focusing their positive, healing energies on those who are sick. The process of creating change through spirit energy is recognized in many cultures around the world.

The practice of using passive meditation to achieve global peace has been used by Buddhist monks for centuries. This practice is now taught in holistic healing centers and centers for meditation across the world.
The connection people have through energy has its roots in science. The field of quantum physics has unveiled a very real energy field ebbing and flowing throughout all creation.

This energy has very real negative and positive characteristics which can be seen in the various colors of auras as well as the range of vibration.

Studies have shown the influence of positive energy on an object significantly changes the field of energy around it. 

Groups of people with focused energy can effectively raise the vibration of the entire planet. Higher vibrations are associated with energies of love and peace.

In the ever increasing chaos of the world, few things are under any person’s control. The feeling of helplessness is prevalent as plans and events of the past and the future go by the wayside. 

People wage a constant war against expectation. One of the few paths to empowerment is paved down the road of being present.

Reaction is an area in which people do have control. 

The ability to stay in the moment is the key skill in regards to reception. Awareness that a person can only live in the present is the first step to developing this aptitude.

The mind wants to jump around replaying the tapes of the past or living in future dreams. This temporal shifting clouds the basis for clear reactions. Attitudes are formed from the mind and not the present moment the person is in.
Meditation and breathing are the components of immersing oneself in the present. A person truly colors their own world by the perceptions they have.

The ability to stay in the present allows clear reactions to form. This is the liberating tool that everyone can implement to effectively deal with all facets of life.

On the road to inner peace and enlightenment, the importance of meditation cannot be understated. Worldwide, across many places and beliefs, people know about the value of meditation as a way of relaxing, sharpening the mind, and attaining new spiritual heights. 

One of the best ways to maximize and quantify your progress is to keep a meditation journal. Many websites offer electronic journals, but they can also be written by hand. 

Whatever seems most natural and comfortable for you should take precedence. 

Additional information can be found at Primal Perspective Spirituality- Cathartic Meditation

Anyone who lucid dreams, astrally projects or simply wants to record their day-to-day life can tell you the benefit of keeping a journal: it increases your capacity to remember important details in in all areas of your life and improve it. Meditation is no different. 

By recording various details (level of relaxation, how long it took to reach it, spiritual experiences, and so on) you can better understand where you are in your meditation and actively work to improve it. It may seem tedious to write in a journal every time you meditate, but getting into the habit of it is easy, and it is worth the effort.

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