The Beauty of Oneness

by Panache Desai -
Have you ever looked at an insect - moth, butterfly, beetle or ladybug - and simply admired its beauty and purpose? Maybe it’s the softness of its body, the frailty of its legs, the lovely color of its wings.

It’s remarkable that each creature – from a human being to a fire ant - is on this earth for a reason. We each have a purpose in our oneness on earth.
The simple act of appreciation moves you into oneness. 
When you take the time to see something fully, your awareness escalates and you can become one with it.

Maybe you get a rare, up-close look at a Praying Mantis and think, "that's the greatest Praying Mantis I've ever seen."

When you take a moment to focus your awareness on it and appreciate its glorious green color, bent lanky legs and lovely, heart-shaped head, you become one with the Mantis. Human and insect connected in oneness, if only for a precious, fleeting moment.
It’s important to take some portion of your day to remember the oneness of all life.

As vibrational beings, we can always access that connection because we all are the same.

When you move into a heightened space of awareness, you can see the common singularity throughout all of reality. 
You can honor oneness every day by appreciating what’s around you - a blooming flower, the turning of the leaves, your family, your pets or a stranger on the street.
As you start recognizing the connectedness of life, you begin to see yourself in everything and everyone you meet.

When someone says, "I feel invisible," it’s really a prayer - a plea for someone to take time and appreciate all the joy, kindness and love they have to offer.
We all have a purpose. We are all amazing, remarkable creatures. 
When we connect in oneness, we form a powerful union, appreciate each other’s beautiful wings and soar to new heights of wholeness together.

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