Understanding Your Energy Body

by Steven S. Sadleir -

Your body is energy. Energy is absorbed through the air you breathe. It flows in your nervous system, like electricity flowing through wires, to all your extremities and vital organs. 

It flows in streams through channels of low resistance and high conductivity called chi or ki.

Your central nervous system conducts it like a bar magnet, with the positive charge on the top of the head and the negative charge at your tailbone. 

Arching fields of bio-magnetism flow out from the top of your head, encircle your body and come up again at the negative pole at your tailbone in what is called an “aura.”

Your thoughts are energy too, literally a movement of energy flowing through streams of neurons or brain cells, in your head. 

Emotions are a combination of neurological discharges and secretions of brain chemicals whose discharges create the moods you feel. All your senses are picking up energy:

Light is energy, sound is energy, taste and smell involve energy discharges in your brain as well. Movement is energy, gravity is a form of energy, every state perceived is something changing…energy; perception itself is energy.

Even the physical mass of your body is energy. Shrink your awareness down into the cellular level and you find the cells of your body are in constant communication with each other energetically; each cell receives and conducts energy.

Shrink yourself down even further to the molecular level and you find systems of organizing intelligence conducting the energy to create the patterns we call molecules, elements, compounds-the building blocks of life.

Shrink your awareness down even smaller to the world of atoms and you find that the ultimate constituents of your body are latent potential and realized manifestations of positive and negative energy, which we call protons, electrons, and neutrons.

Your body is both receiving and transmitting energy. What you think and feel, is what you are creating. 

Create happy positive thoughts and those thoughts are transmitted into the fields of awareness that link us all together, like cells in the body of God.

Negative thoughts are also transmitted into the field of collective consciousness and will cause you to attract the people, circumstances and situations that enable you to see whatever is diminishing the light of your own indwelling spirit. 

Spirit is consciousness in expression or Shakti. That which causes life within you is you. You are the light. Realize this.

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