Our New Earth Reality

by Joanna L. RossPerez -

What a concept we can conjure about our new earth. There are many that allow the notion that a new earth will come at some point and we will all be saved from the corruption and crime, and all the other darkness that suffocates our media channels.

While a wonderful notion this may be and in a sense may be true for some, the reality of how Universal energy works is something a little more grand.

For every person on this planet, there is an equally matched reality that awaits for them. 

 This is the beauty of Creation. It is not bias and whatever it is within that we desire to experience, whether we consciously know it or not, will be fulfilled through the Universal laws. 

What we put out is exactly what we experience and that if we have the power to understand Universal laws, and understand the process of planetary ascension that we are moving through, we at least allow the door for new earth to appear before us.

The aspect of living among a new earth glow is one that takes us from what we know of our NOW moment and creating it. This is profound and came to me from something I heard a few months back.

Live in the moment of NOW, as if we are and have been in the new earth glow for years. 

See life around you glowing with potential and promise. See those around you with the glow of spirit and knowingness that all love and light flows through us for the unique experience we have to offer Creation. 

See and feel the bliss, the beauty, the manifestations and new magical experiences that come with an enlightened reality.

 New discoveries, new possibilities for space travel, new worlds to explore on the distant space shores. 

The possibilities are truly infinite and it all resides NOW.

Allow yourself to use these tools of Creation that we were given;

  • Free Will   
The power to choose your place within Creation. 

  • Imagination 
Allow yourself to create whatever it is you choose to bring yourself into the light and alignment of what you desire. 

  • Knowingness  
Know that regardless of what you see, or what you are told, life is glowing, life is responsive, and you are manifesting all that you desire NOW! 

  • Surrender  
Surrender within the infinite possibility of spirit.  This is the most challenging as it takes that we through away all control and allow our lives to be lead by something higher, lighter, and something that we simply cannot see ~ this is the trust of what all masters worked with.   
You just KNOW that you are being swept into the life that is for your highest and best.  It really is beyond faith, it is KNOWINGNESS! 

  • Forgiveness 
Forgiveness allows you to free up energetic space and clear all that once held you in the 3D reality.  Forgiveness is the letting go of whatever it is that holds you back in pain, fear, frustration, hate, distaste, lack of trust, lack of self worth, and so on. 
Forgiveness is the path to the heart and free's the heart of dark energy from loss and pain.  A way must be cleared for that of love and light. 

  • LOVE  
Love is light and light is LOVE! The path of remembrance, the path of ascension is the transformation and the transmutation of all that keeps us heavy and limited into that of a lighter being.  The path of ascension, the path to self-discovery is the path of self love.   
As we learn to love thyself, love all that we are in our most authentic state, we allow others to love us, we allow the beauty of the Universe to supply us with all that we need because our heart space has opened to profound proportions.   
Love is the key to open the heart space through which all paths to the Universe and Source can be found. This is how we are all entangled with one another and it is in love that we create NEW EARTH!

The love we have for one another, for all species, for all things, for all beings, for all experiences, for ALL THAT IS is the key to creating the glow, the potential, the expansion into our NEW EARTH!

May you love yourself to pieces to know that you are a unique aspect of this Universal puzzle and you are required.

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