Setting Clear Intentions

by Gayle Dillon - 

What a glorious morning to realize that the Infinite Spirit is as close as my breath; for I know that God is always breathing me, breathing each and every one of us. 

The wondrous Source of all there is manifests itself in and through and around all creation. There truly is not a place where the true essence of the Divine does not exist. I claim this as my Truth. 

I know that we are all have choice to make any decision we choose, negative or positive, for I know that God does not judge; God just IS. 

The natural world responds to the Law of Cause and Effect, so we are allowed to make any choice we desire knowing this Truth. 

So knowing this Truth of free will, this Truth of the Law of Cause and Effect, this Truth that we are all manifestations; individualized and unique, of this One Source I declare right here and right now that I will choose not to assume anything. 

I take responsibility for clearly stating what I want, when I want and how I want my life to unfold; not only in my earthly relationships but in my relationship with the Divine. 

I know that when I clearly communicate in my relationships then no one has to read my mind or guess at my meanings. 

I also know that when I clearly communicate my intentions with feelings knowing only the highest and best for myself and all concerned that the Universe provides. 

For I know that just as in relationships, I will receive and if I am not clear with my desires I may receive something that I really do not intend. 

I give thanks for this wondrous day. 

I give thanks for choosing not to assume anything. 

I give thanks for all that I have, all that I receive and all that I give – for I am so grateful to be living in God’s abundant Universe and for knowing I am living an abundant life. 

I release, I let go, I let God and so it is.

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