Being Free and True to Yourself

by Kevin Sinclair -

Truth symbolizes goodness, faith, honesty, sincerity and integrity of character.

Being true to your own self is like being in harmony with reality, in harmony with Nature. It is like being reconciled with things as they are and being one with the Universe. 

Sadly, our hectic lifestyles, peer pressure, small pleasures and our endless passion for money have destroyed the core values of truth.

Many of us believe in what we would like to believe and do what we feel based on these beliefs, even though our thoughts and actions are miles away from the truth. And, to tell you the truth, we have ceased to be honest to ourselves.

Many of us live in a world polluted with ignorance, greed and falsities.

Though we may not realize it, our soul is getting a little too choked up with these untruths, all that pseudo-talk and that jazzy false pride - always seeking accolades in the eyes of others while remaining dishonest and untrue to oneself.

Think about it: 

Don't you feel it's time we bent our backs and chipped in to create a positively vibrant and amicable world that is not fragmented by narrow thoughts?

Well, charity always begins at home, so let's put our heads together and analyze how being true to ourselves will benefit us.

How Does It Help?

Here is 8 ways it will help you:
1. When you are true to yourself, your mind gets all steeled up. Most importantly, it has nothing to fear, no one to bow to. 
This is because when you are true to yourself, you always do things that are just and right. And when you do everything fair and square, you have nothing to fear. Thus, being true to your own self makes you fearless. 
2. Being true to yourself gives you a good feel. You look at people and things without prejudice, and do unto them what you feel is right and not what they do unto you. 
These deeds fill you up with contentment, self-confidence and esteem, which in turn make you hold your head high. You are not just the first amongst equals - you are way too far ahead than being just number one. 
3. When you are true to yourself, you automatically start speaking the truth - all the time. That kind of wins you respect from others - they start looking up to you and cling on to every word you say. 
4. Let us now take a petty example from daily life: Assume your neighbor has just purchased a swanky, new sports utility vehicle (SUV), and also let's assume that you are not as well off as he is and cannot afford to buy an SUV. 
In this situation, if you are not true to yourself, you might just go ahead and borrow money to pick up an equally good car just because envy is gnawing at your soul. 
If you are true to yourself, you will not bother about your neighbor's new car and you will just go on with life as it was, because you know that you cannot afford a new car and if you borrowed money for it then you'd be stuck neck-deep in debt. 
So, what does that tell you? - It tells you that being honest with yourself will make you levelheaded and think logically. 
Above all, you stick to reality, do not succumb to peer pressure and in the process do not put yourself in difficult situations. 
5. Being true to yourself kind of purifies your mind and rids it of the pile of psychological junk that has collected over the years. 
You become more levelheaded and this in turn endears you to your family. The emotional bond you share with them only becomes stronger and hugs your entire family in a warm embrace. 
6. Being sincere with yourself makes you believe in yourself, and you are no longer afraid of rejection. 
7. You do not fear the risk of rejection when you know that you are true to yourself. 
That is because rejection, anxiety, tension and other such associated emotions cease to matter in the normal course of life. 
8. Finally, you improve your health because you are away from fear, greed, jealousy, anxiety, tension, loathing and prejudice. 
Scientific studies have revealed that chronic negative thoughts tend to change permanently something in your body - perhaps at the cellular level or even genetic level - that makes you more prone to a variety of diseases. 
You don't have any reason to hate yourself, your family loves you, you are satisfied and consistent with what you do, you don't feel guilty - and that is all that ultimately matters in life.


Jim Davis once said,
"The truth will set you free but first it will make you miserable." 
He is right. The path to truth is strewn with thorns - but after the initial few steps, these thorns cease to matter - in fact, they are gone with the wind.

So, go right ahead and be true to yourself, because truth will not hurt you; it will awaken your soul. Just try it.

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