The Role of Surrender and Embracing the Unknown

by Nikita Gearing -

I believe Surrender to be an essential aspect of the path of awakening. Surrender means the willingness to let go thinking, feeling and believing that I have to do it all on my own.

It means to move into a co-creative relationship with my God Self, my Awakened Self that is already present within me.

I have found surrender to be an essential step in creating space and allowing greater truths, miracles and doorways to open that which I was previously unaware of.

Surrender asks me to offer up to my God Self how I think or feel things are supposed to look. 

It is a call to embrace change, allowing that which no longer serves me to fall away and allow my highest path to continue to reveal itself. Surrender opens doorways to realizations, creations and miracles that are in alignment with my highest good and my highest awakening.

Surrender supports me to be on the path to realizing and manifesting my Hearts Bliss.

As I embrace the gifts of Surrender, I realize what a powerful shift this has been for me in my willingness to embrace the seeming ‘Unknown’.

To no longer fear the unknown but to dive into it giving gratitude for this space. The unknown calls me to be open, to trust and give gratitude knowing that all is in Divine perfection.

Embracing the unknown allows greater truths to enter into me and greater creations to manifest into my life, Oneness manifesting in form.

Our world is in a profound time of evolution, we are being called to surrender to the Divine all that we are and all that is occurring on our planet and within humanity.

With this offering we are then called to trust that we are each being Divinely guided as to our unique role.

Our unique part in assisting the birth and manifestation of a world based on Oneness, Peace and Unity, a world based on Divine connection, a world which honors both the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in balance and harmony.

I feel surrender plays an essential role in supporting the New Earth, the Heaven and Shambhala resonance to be birthed through each of us and made manifest in our world.

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