Inside the Life of a Spiritual Intuitive

Dare to step inside of my world. 

Enter if you shall. Allow me the opportunity to share with you what it is like having the Spiritual Gifts that I have been blessed with. Truly, you will decide – after experiencing my life – if they are indeed blessings or curses.

I am clairaudient, clairvoyant, claircognizant and clairsentient. I am an Empath. I am a Medium. I am a Channeler. These titles or roles have not been of conscious choosing but rather subconscious intention. I have become who I am and still, I am me.

I invite you inside my world, the reality where information becomes ‘accessible’ regardless of not having such ‘requirements’ as consciousness, intelligence and experience…a realm where new acquaintances are made via energy and ‘taking dictation’ ascends to the Most High.

The Clairaudient
I hear stuff. 
When I’m doing readings, I hear voices. Sometimes it’s one voice; sometimes is several voices yet they’re in harmony. I believe the One Voice is God; the ‘several voices’ are one’s Spirit Guides.

When I do email readings, I simply take dictation. Whether it’s a ‘Quick Read’ or a ‘Spiritual Reading via Email’, I’m listening and typing. I feel as if I must keep up with the Message as It is being relayed, as a result, my typing speed has increased.

Truly, I just don’t want to be responsible for missing anything. Sometimes the information I’m receiving is lighthearted, sometimes it’s serious, all the time, it’s the truth. I used to have issues with being privy to another’s secrets, issues, pain, and thoughts; then I remembered that it is His Will that I ‘assist in the healing of others’, so without opinion or insecurity, I oblige.

When I do phone readings, I hear stuff. While you are talking about this or that, I have zoned out and am listening to that One Voice or those several voices. I then interrupt you to share what I have become privy to. So when I rudely interrupt what you may be explaining, it’s only because I’m trying to keep up with the Message as It is being relayed. Forgive my rudeness; I just don’t feel that it’s up to me to ask ‘Them’ to ‘shhh’ while you explain yourself or indulge in your emotion. Yeah, I hear stuff.

The Clairvoyant
I see stuff. 
I get visions…sometimes it’s like watching a movie. Other times, I see snapshots. I get glimpses of images flashing before me…well sometimes they flash; sometimes they linger.

Sometimes when I’m doing a reading, I’ll focus on a blank wall to allow it to be the backdrop…to provide a blank canvas behind what I’m seeing. It replaces what is physically visible so that I may focus on what is intuitively visible. I am then watching a movie on a blank screen as opposed to seeing it in addition to seeing everything else. My intuitive vision becomes clearer.

The glimpses I receive are like pieces to a puzzle; and at times I have to ‘search for more pieces’ to complete the puzzle, which completes the visual, which enhances your message – your answer, your truth. It is during this ‘search’ that the client’s calm and receptive energy aids in my ‘adventure’. Their ‘willingness to be read’ provides the map for me to follow to become able to provide much more information than they bargained for. Yeah, I see stuff.

The Claircognizant
I know stuff. 
I don’t know it via education or training; nor have I been predisposed to information that would empower me to know such things, but I know stuff.

During readings, when you ask specific questions and the responses include something like, “Truly, this is what’s going to happen so the next question should be ‘How do you move through it?’” It’s not that I’m being arrogant; I just know stuff.

There are things that you know right? It could be your name, your professional title, your favorite color, your partner’s social security number, whatever…stuff you know, things that are. While giving a reading, I become privy to information and some of that information is not based on free will; it is not ‘by decision’. It is ‘by design’, according to the Will of God, and thus it is so. I then relay this information to you with confidence and conviction for it is not up to interpretation or for debate – it just is. Yeah, I know stuff.

The Clairsentient
I feel stuff. 
I get impressions about events and situations. I follow the energy of an event or situation to understand what the outcome shall be. And then I relay it to you.

I tell people that I am ‘energetically sensitive’. I don’t like the term ‘predict’; I don’t foretell, I just follow the energy of the situation as I feel it unfolding. Sometimes the connection is very fragile and it’s a challenge to do the reading. Yet when the client is calm, open-minded and receptive, the connection becomes stronger; therefore it is easier to follow the flow of energy that is that event or situation that you ask about.

I ask for you to be calm, open-minded and receptive because I feel what you feel and I have to be totally unaffected by the [personal] energies of others and myself when I’m doing a reading. I have to be able to feel the energy so as to connect with it so as to follow it to its ‘destination’ – to your answers…to your truth. Consequently, I detach from what I feel (as in my opinion) and know (as in my experience and knowledge) to relay what is your complete truth. Yeah, I feel stuff.

The Empath
I can feel what another feels. 
I am ‘energetically sensitive’ to situations, events and people. Though sometimes I unconsciously become affected by the energies of others, during readings, I consciously connect with the energies of others so as to experience what they are feeling. I then relay this to my client, as long as it pertains to the nature of their relationship with the specific individual with whom I’ve connected.

I don’t like crowds. I don’t like public transportation. I can’t watch television shows or movies that are based on real-life experiences and contain racial tension a la ‘A Time to Kill’, ‘Roots’, etc. because it hurts my soul. The pain of many is felt by me.

I can’t watch some talent competition shows for when the performer becomes embarrassed by a less-than-stellar performance, so do I. And when a performer auditions and should not have even thought to do so, while others laugh, I become embarrassed while they are confused as to why they weren’t selected.

I don’t’ watch the news often. I’ll watch TMZ, but not ‘real’ news. And I miss that. I will try to watch the weather, news, politics and surface stuff, yet there are times when the story of someone hurts me so much that I have to turn the channel…and sometimes cry. Hell some commercials have to be ignored by me. “Feed The Children”, “Rescue the Animals”, “Heal the Children” are all topics that are very likely to cause a flood of tears. I have learned to become cautious of what I view.

Sometimes, I just don’t like how a person feels. When I was younger, I would meet people whom I would immediately feel disdain for or an uneasiness with. And I now understand why – I am an Empath, I can feel what another is feeling. I have energetically assessed their personal energy and my assessment reveals that they are not someone that I want to know.

I protect myself (my energy) with stones, consciousness and prayer. I have had to learn that all that I feel is not attributed to me. While I call upon this Gift during readings, it still is a ‘condition’ that is always so. I am ‘energetically sensitive’.

When I’m ‘in the zone’ or ‘open’, a person’s energy can be aggravating to me. Their natural personal energy is picked up by me and intensified. If they are sad, I feel it. If they are angry, I feel it. If they are lying to themselves, I feel their self-deceptive energy.

Therefore, while doing a reading, not only am I clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizant, I am also empathic. During readings, my ‘feelings’ aren’t mine; they are the client’s. While I’m hearing, seeing, feeling and knowing, I’m also experiencing your energy. While trying to assist in your clarity and guidance, my being is being used by The Divine for your benefit. Yeah, I can feel what you feel.

The Medium
Yeah, I see dead people.
As one who is sensitive to the energies of events, situations and people, I am also sensitive to the energies of spiritual energies that are not ‘earthbound’.

Sometimes I see impressions of people, much like an outline or dense representation of a person…sometimes I see bits and pieces of a person (their long fingers, shoulder-length hair, stocky stature, light eyes, acne prone skin).

Sometimes I just get the thought of a client, family member or friend and then I start to see, hear, feel or know things…I can tell that I am not enduring this experience out of my own doing; it is due to the transitioned loved one of the client, family member or friend that these things occur. I then reach out to the person, sharing with them the descriptions of the energy that is contacting me, to enlighten them on the presence and feelings of their transitioned loved one.

During a ‘Divine Communication’ reading, I specifically call for the spirit that the client wants to connect with. It’s like maneuvering through a crowd of strangers and calling for a specific person. I have no physical description and that wouldn’t matter anyway; I simply & respectfully request the participation of the transitioned spirit on behalf of their loved one. And if they shall respond, the reading shall be done. If they shan’t, the reading can’t be done. Not all whom I shall call will respond, we all have free will.

Sometimes transitioned loved ones are ready to communicate; sometimes I have to coax them into a ‘conversation’. The latter usually occurs when the transitioned spirit has lived religiously (as ego) and therefore has some distrust in this method of ‘communication; if they have apprehension about their loved one’s emotional state and know that their loved one can’t handle ‘communication’ at this point-in-time; and/or if they are introverted energy.

Not all ‘divine communication’ is requested. Transitioned spirits will connect with me when they feel the need to in order to alert their loved one to emotional and physical issues regarding their health, to assist in overcoming professional challenges, to introduce practical methods, to warn against dangerous encounters, etc.

Because I am a portal – an opening for transitioned spirits to use to connect with earthbound spirits – I am always surrounded by transitioned energies. Some I know because they are connected to clients, family members and friends and have had personal interaction with me; some I don’t know, they are just waiting until the paths of myself and their loved ones cross and then they will ‘speak’. My clients aren’t just the living, they are also the transitioned. Yeah, I see dead people and they see me.

The Channeler
I’m a messenger…for the Divine. 
I’m smart; I’ve learned some things. I’m a gifted creative writer; I can tell an incredible story. Yet my level of knowledge and gift of creative expression do not lend themselves to the powerful ‘messages’ that come through me via inspirational emails, quotes, and enlightenment during readings…these are of God, I simply pass them on to others. [It is wise to acknowledge that the value of one’s psychic reading isn’t solely based on the intuitive information that is relayed; it also includes the enlightenment (Higher Consciousness) that is shared.]

Because of my strong connection with The Divine (God) and my remarkable sensitivity to energy, I will become ‘influenced’ or ‘inspired’ to relay what He wishes to express. And I oblige. Often times an inspirational message is channeled through me and after I send it out, some clients will comment on its power. I then have to reread it so that I can know what they are talking about.

Sometimes during channeling, I’ll ‘hear’ words whose meanings I don’t know…and I have to look them up. I am in awe of how He uses me…I am impressed with these Gifts, this one especially, for It is intended to spiritually affect groups of people, aside from the intuitive readings. Yeah, I’m a ‘messenger’…for God.

The Woman

There you have it…her…Tanya. This way of being has become my life because I chose it. I simultaneously embarked on healing, intuitive and spiritual journeys because my spirit felt it was required; thus, my ego submitted.

I am not unique for there are others like me. I am however, an individual who has come to know who she is and is in love with her. I am a woman who loves love, loves people and loves life. I am a victor who has overcome, healed from and transformed. I am a teacher and a student. I am a leader and a follower. I have become whom I chose to be. Welcome to My World.

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