Ways to and Benefits of Connecting With the Earth

by Donna Jeffries - 

Ever notice how some of life’s nicest pleasures are sometimes the most simplest? Take strolling barefoot in the grass for instance.

When was the last time you actually did that? When you were a kid maybe? Do you remember how the spongy, cool softness felt under your tender skin?

When you think of it, it really seems ‘unnatural’ how much time we spend walking around on concrete sidewalks and pavements.

There are other aspects of tromping around on hard, man-made surfaces that seem unnatural too as our feet fall into repetitive patterns or movements with every step we take. Eventually, most of us are likely to develop calluses, strain and stiffness to the soles of our feet.

Besides feeling good, walking barefoot on the grass and ground may have other benefits as well.

According to a recent study by The California Institute of Human Sciences, our bodies’ natural electron balance can actually be restored by making a physical connection to the earth. 

Studies reveal several benefits from making this special connection: including reduction of inflammation and pain; relief from sleeping disorders; and from several other stress-related conditions as well.

We happen to be very electrical beings. Because our bodies are mostly made up of water and minerals they are exceptional conductors of electricity (electrons).

Free electrons on the earth’s surface are transmitted easily to the human body as long as a direct connection is made. Unfortunately, there are several insulators in our modern world that can prevent these natural electrical interactions from taking place. Synthetically-soled shoes are one-such insulator. 

Though we may be hiking in the middle of a magnificent pine forest, we will not get the full benefits of the earth’s electrical field if we do not have a direct physical connection.

We are also insulated when we are inside of our homes or office buildings where there may be competing energy fields as well.

When our body’s electrical balance becomes disturbed, free radicals are able to persevere longer in our systems, setting the stage for a domino effect. The result can eventually manifest in the form of chronic inflammation, stiffness of the joints and pain.

Electric Anti-Oxidants

Geophysicists have long-known about the steady supply of electrons that continually surround the planet.

This limitless supply is constantly being replenished at all hours of the day and night by thousands of lightning strikes all around the globe. 

During these strikes electrons are rapidly dispersed across the earth’s surface. This has been referred to as the “global electric circuit. ”

These free electrons have been found to possess anti-oxidant properties; they can circulate quickly through the body and neutralize harmful free radicals.

This appears to be one of the most likely explanations for the findings that connecting with the earth can reduce inflammation and pain. A second viable explanation includes the seasonal rhythms of our planet’s electric field. 

Research recently conducted in Germany has demonstrated how physical contact made directly with the surface of the earth can connect us with the rhythms that set nature’s biological clocks and assist in many metabolic functions.

If you haven’t walked barefoot on the grass (or the beach) for a while, maybe it’s time to get out and give it a try.

Just make sure the grass or sand you walk on is free of any sharp objects! Don’t be surprised if you start to feel a wonderful sense of being connected with nature – not to mention some refreshed tootsies!

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