Intuition: Unfolding Our Super Intelligence

by Carole Cravath -

Decisions mean everything to us. 

Our lives are a reflection of their positive effects or negative consequences. Using the analytical mind to make decisions can be a hit or miss technique.

Analyzing situations over and over trying to predict an outcome can be exhausting and erroneous. 

Analysis is a mental activity that makes comparisons and breaks things down into their component parts; but it can't see the big picture , the future, what another person is really thinking or intending, or know what's truly best for us.

Intuition can! 

Intuition comes from another level of our minds and is a natural part of our awareness.

It can deliver the truth about any question we have if we know how to identify it. Intuition doesn't think; it simply knows, without any rational thought. 

It is a higher intelligence because it can see the future, know how others really feel and provide us with accurate answers about what's best for us. 

Intuitive knowing comes to us through feelings, our inner voice, bodily sensations, hunches, and inner pictures and images. 

Remote Viewing studies by scientists Jahn and Dunne repeatedly show that this level of mind is innate to all of us and connects us to direct truth!

We're all familiar with a common scenario that illustrates this point. 

A young man is seeing a girl and has a strong feeling (intuitive knowing) that she just wants to be friends. His mind, however, begins to operate and he begins to analyze. "What if she changes her mind. People change their minds every day." "Maybe if I do such and such, she will like me more." 

Down the road, of course, she tells him clearly that she only wants to be friends. His intuition (strong feeling) had already informed him of this fact but he tried to get around it by analyzing.

How intuition connect us to direct truth:

Quantum physicist David Bohm and physiologist Carl Pribram have provided evidence that we're connected to everyone, everything and all information in existence through frequencies and waves at the quantum level of life. 

How does this work? 

Every thought, feeling, action, experience and event that occurs is recorded (like a photograph) in the quantum field of energy and intelligence that underlies all life. 

Picture this: you've just finished reading a popular book and your feelings and experiences of it have been "photographed" (recorded) in the universal archives of energy and frequency.

This experience (photograph) travels by wave and frequency through all of life's interpenetrating energy fields and becomes available to you, me and everyone else. 

Then, a friend of yours starts to think that you might like that particular book for your birthday, because she loved it.

As she thinks that thought, she gets a feeling (intuitive knowing) not to get it. She doesn't know why but decides to go with another gift. She doesn't consciously know that you've read the book but the intuitive level of her mind where this type of information is processed knows.

Science shows that we are holographic, tiny fragments of the whole of all that exists; but every part of a hologram contains within itself the entire whole and can access all of its information. 

Our natural intuitive senses receive and translate the truth and facts that these waves and frequencies carry and our right brains interpret this factual information and relay it to us in the form of inner pictures in our minds' eyes, our inner voice, persistent feelings and pure knowing. Thought is not involved!

There is a bio-organic basis for our intuitive senses that has been researched. In his paper titled "New Scientific Studies Regarding the Existence of Certain PSI Faculties", Ingo Swan discusses at least 12 additional senses beyond our basic 5 that have been documented. 

They include skin receptors for clairsentience, neurological senses for telepathy, bio-electronic receptors for clairvoyance and pineal gland receptors that allow us to know the future, as well as use x-ray vision. 

We are all naturally wired for intuitive intelligence.

We can know in advance what course of action is best for us; i.e. which choice we should make. 


At the quantum level of energy and intelligence, past, present and probable future blend and are all part of a frequency continuum, which we're part of energetically and physically. 

Through our intuitive receptors, this data is available to us as a matter of course. We "know" the correct answer because of our interpenetrating energy fields and holographic brains.

How Intuition Works in our Daily Lives

Intuitive information is an integral part of our awareness as we go about our day and we just need to understand how it works and practice using it. 

A feeling not to walk down a certain street, an inner voice that says "Call Mary" and you discover she's in need of support, a persistent inner picture in your mind that a certain house is best for you are all examples of intuitive knowing. 

As we deliberately choose to cultivate and apply intuition in our lives, we quickly see how vastly it improves our decision- making!

When my son was going into 5th grade, a male teacher was available as a choice, because this school was open to parental requests. I asked for him, because I logically assumed that my son should have a male role model in his life, since I was divorced. 

Wrong! This reasoned decision became a huge mistake! It became so bad in that classroom that my son refused to go to school, point blank! 

The teacher, it turned out, was an angry person and was taking it out on the kids. My son had literally become sick from that environment. Intuitively, my child had the solution. 

He "knew" which class would work for him and after I had several involved meetings with the Principal and Director of Elementary Schools, he was transferred and simply thrived in the new classroom! 

Had I originally listened to my intuition instead of analyzing, I wouldn't have had to make this correction.

Educate yourself about how to develop and use your intuitive faculties, teach your children to trust their feelings and hunches and enjoy the following exercises!


Method #1
A.) Allow yourself to become quiet and deeply relaxed. Float, tingle, melt into your chair.

B.) Set your intent to receive general guidance for your life or an answer to a specific question. Know that your intuitive mind has the information and answers that you need. Trust that you can know now, because you can. Relax your mind , erase your thoughts and become a blank slate ready for truth. Intuitive flashes are about to begin!

C.) As you start to experience inner images and pictures , feelings, body sensations, and words and messages, write them down , with your eyes still closed. What have you learned? What is the answer to your question?
Method #2
A.) Deeply relax yourself with either music, focusing on your breath, repeating the word "peace", or imagining a pleasant color surrounding you.

B.) Experience yourself walking in a beautiful rainforest. Ahead of you is a rushing waterfall. Step into the pool beneath it , and feel the rejuvenating water splash your feet and legs. You can see a large pink scalloped shell resting on the bottom of the transparent water. Pick it up and hold it in your hands. 
Notice that it contains a shiny white pearl. Look carefully at the pearl and you will see images, pictures, or words written on it. What's there? What is it saying to you? How do you feel? Wisdom is symbolized here. Your answer is symbolized on this pearl. Reflect on what it means to you.
Deliberate development of the higher level of your mind, your intuition, will accelerate your growth, success, and well-being! Truth is a gift!

Carole Cravath (B.A.) is a counselor and teacher and does private consultations on Somatic Visualizing. She teaches the Perceptive Awareness Technique Workshops which link the Intuitive and Conceptual Minds for rapid control of higher awareness in 3 days.

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