The 3 C’s of Life

by Dr. Carolyn Porter -

Choices, Chances and Changes:

Most individuals do not like change, which is why so many people remain right where they are in going nowhere jobs, relationships, careers, afraid to step out into something new. 

So what happens is that people settle.

They settle for this relationship or that job because of their fear of stepping into uncharted territory, and they somehow justify their decision as “It’s better than nothing” or “better than so-and-so has” or “it could be worse.”

Settling is a common choice for so many individuals and I see it over and over in the lives of my clients.

A post was made on Facebook that someone sent to me that really resonated with me with its profound implication and it went like this: 
"The 3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a Choice to take a Chance or your life will never Change."
This is so true and something to internalize and understand. So let’s talk about it for a bit.

The Power of Choice

You were born with one of the most powerful gifts anyone could ever have and that is the power of choice. You have been given free will to make any choice you wish to make and only you can make a choice. 

Granted, if you sit on the fence and don’t make a choice, somehow the universe forces you into making a choice and it may not be the one you really wanted to make. 

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you have been with the same company for a decade. You have no way to advance and no creativity in the job, but it pays your bills so you stay. Inside however, a little bit of you continues to die because you are bored, unhappy and feel unproductive and non-creative. 

So one day, because you ignore the internal push to move on into something new, perhaps something you always wanted to do, the universe steps in and you are laid off. The company needed to downsize and they decided to eliminate some of the jobs within the company and yours was one of them.

So now you are forced into a choice and you panic. 

You need to find another job because you only received two months severance pay. Your fear takes over and next thing you know you grab onto a job that is similar to the one you just left, forgetting that dream you had of something new and better. 

Your fear obliterated your choice so you forgot about chances and changes. You do have a change since you’ll be working with different people and a different employer but it was something you felt forced into doing and you’ll be right back doing the same job as before. And then what about that dream?

So often we have such little faith and dare not trust the power we were born with – the power to make choices that raise us up rather than pull us down. Many times these choices involve taking a chance with the changes that will ensue and that feels too scary. 

We’ve all been in this place; I know I have. 

I have found over the years that if I surrender the entire situation and the possible choices I can make, I always receive the clarity I need from God so that I make what feels like the wisest choice. 

Of course the big “if” is whether I truly surrender the whole situation and totally get out of the way; the same is true for you. We humans like to get our hands in the mix and wonder why something doesn’t work. 

So the only way to make a wise choice, take a chance and move with the change is to let go completely of all the details of the entire set of circumstances. That’s a tough order for many but it is the only way to be willing to step into unknown territory with ease.

Several astrologers and intuitive individuals have shared that big changes are occurring in our country and the entire world. We’ve certainly been seeing many of these changes coming for some time but now we are living in the midst of many of those changes, probably not liking some of them, perhaps many of them. 

Just understand that many more are on the horizon and the only way to experience the changes in peace is to flow with them. 

However, we continue to have our personal power and freedom to make our own choices, even when authority or government makes some choices for us.

Our freedom of choice within our internal self is something no one can take away from us.

With your inborn power of choice, you can take marvelous chances and effect many changes that propel you into something bigger and better. 

However, there is something very important for you to realize as you make choices. 

Law of Cause and Effect

It’s the Law of Cause and Effect or some refer to this principle as what you reap what you sow. If you make the choice to take a chance and make a change, then let me share this powerful quote from Karol Truman’s book Feelings Buried Alive Never Die:
“When you are BE-ing the kind of person that is most desirable for you to BE, then you will automatically DO the best you can DO—then you will HAVE the peace and whatever else that is most desirable in life for you to HAVE.”

What that means is that making a choice to follow your heart and leave behind the job, relationship, career or whatever else no longer serves your highest good, is the first step into BE-ing, and as you take a chance and make a change, you will DO your best and HAVE what you desire. 

Remember this…we are not Human Hav-ings nor are we Human Do-ings, but we are Human Be-ings. 

As Karol Truman so aptly says, 
“So instead of Having…Doing…Being…Life works best Being…Doing…Having."
So with this basic understanding of Being first, it can be easier to make a choice for something new, take the chance required so that you make changes in your life!

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