The Abundance of Oneness

by Carolyn Field -

Everybody knows that lots of little things can make a big thing. One tree can become part of forest; one pebble, a beach; one blade of grass, a park land; one voice, a chorus.
“All differences in this world are of degree and not of kind, because oneness is the secret of everything.” ―Swami Vivekananda
Everything gravitates towards each other. 

We are coming together if not in physical proximity then in virtual proximity and in growing awareness of each other and of our connection. 

Just noticing that we are linked will create the wave of awareness that will blazon the Earth.

There is something strangely vulnerable about one small tree standing alone or one pebble laying on a path or one blade of grass growing in a crack on the ground or one human creature sleeping in a doorway. 

Something strangely vulnerable, yet also hopeful because there is always hope.

We are not meant to be alone. 

So if one tree can make a forest, what can one forest make? If one pebble can make a beach, what can one beach make? 

A forest, a beach, a park land, a chorus, all of these and many more collectives create awareness of the abundance that surrounds us. 

Where there is abundance, there is positive energy sparking and fizzing and where there is an abundance of sparking, fizzing positive energy there is the probability of divine transformation. 

Like an interaction between chemicals that creates something staggering.

So too, our awareness of Oneness. 
Just as we notice that we are linked to one another, we will come to realize that we are linked to everything and that everything is linked to us. What a breathtaking awareness that is. 

You and I are One with each other, with the Universe and with Divinity. 
The awareness of our Oneness shall bring opportunities for a new higher nature to be possible which will in turn activate a powerful metamorphosis bringing peace, joy, satisfaction and all encompassing love.


Each moment is the breeze
on a rippling green sea.
Absent are expectations,
I have no illusion of need.
When you see, without you,
nothing can be perceived,
your true abundance is clear.
You are love. You are loved.

--Michele Harvey

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