Harmonizing and Aligning Your Chakras

by Lynn Claridge -

Did you know that by aligning the chakras helps with your health and well being? This self-help technique helps you physical, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

A common misconception about being in harmony with the universe is that you need to spend a lot of time meditating to reach a certain state of mind.

The truth is that one is always at one with the universe and you are aligned with the universe at all times. 

For example, you may not feel yourself, however, what is really going on is that you are aligned and attracting yourself to a frequency that you do not find uncomfortable.

Aligning the chakras helps to balance your whole metabolism. 

The chakras enable you to gather process and release energy from the earth and the atmosphere around you. The chakras conduct and filter a constant flow of energy through your body.

All life forms have chakra centers, the mineral kingdom has one chakra, the animal kingdom has three or four and it is only man that has three trans-personal centers linking you and allowing you to communicate with the universe.

Each of the chakra centers is sensitive to the vibration of a particular color. A healthy body draws in white light, which flows without obstruction into and out of the body’s chakras.

The following technique will show you how to start aligning the chakras to a frequency of your choice. 

Make sure your back is straight and you are in a comfortable position. Energy runs vertically in your body, back and forth from chakra to chakra, from base of the spine to the top of the head.

Each chakra has a color, which corresponds to the colors of the rainbow, and these colors are in order, so they are easy to recall:
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
All you need to do is spend one or two seconds in each center, this will help you focus your consciousness.

Instructions on how to focus so you can start aligning the chakras.
  • Start with the base of your spine; imagine a red glow for two seconds.
  • Now go to the navel area and imagine an orange glow for two seconds.
  • Now the stomach area and imagine a yellow glow there for two seconds.
  • Now move to the heart and image a green glow for two seconds.
  • Now move to the collarbone (where your neck meets your torso) and imagine a blue glow for two seconds.
  • Now the third eye area (on your forehead between your eyes) and imagine an indigo glow for two seconds. 
  • Now the crown of your head, the light here is violet, but to the human eyes, it looks white.
  • Imagine a column of white bright light there flowing back and fourth from you to the universe, here you can spend more than a few seconds.
Congratulations on aligning your chakras, if you think of a goal or a happy emotion (or the opposite of an uncomfortable emotion), it will prompt divine intervention in your favor.

Doing the cycle once is usually not enough. It depends very much on your goal or your emotional state; you can repeat this exercise until a relaxed drowsy condition occurs.

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