The Planetary Grid Project

Planet Earth is undergoing a profound transformation process, which is without precedent in human history. Referred to in nearly all religious doctrines and spiritual movements, this prophesized “Golden Age” can be simply described as a gradual elevation of all life to greatly expanded levels of conscious awareness. More specifically, Earth and her humanity are experiencing a cyclic evolutionary process of ascending from a consciousness paradigm based in duality and separation, to a more advanced level of conscious understanding which embodies the principles of interconnectivity, love and compassion towards all sentient life form. World peace, unity consciousness and heart-centered living will be the wondrous result.

All one has to do is to walk into a bookstore or search the internet to explore the exponential multitude of information relating to this magnificent global shift into higher consciousness. The transformation of consciousness embraces all religions and is affecting every person and every facet of human existence on the planet today.

Children of the Sun Foundation based in Sedona, Arizona, has successfully initiated The Planetary Grid Project to help transform the unified field of world consciousness. This project is dynamically propelled by an elaborate planetary energy grid system.

This planetary grid, a geodesic crystalline matrix, is a highly advanced, multidimensional energy system, which serves as a transitory bridge between consciousness paradigms. Also referred to as the Unity Grid, the Grid of Divine Love, and the Grid of Christ Consciousness, this new earth structure serves as a spiritual “telecommunications system” to help people connect and remain connected to the higher consciousness of humans all over the world. By consciously aligning with and connecting to this grid in regularity and on a collective basis, participants are strengthening their ability to receive and transmit pure, divine energy as one synergistic beam of love and transforming power.

The goal of the massive harmonic resonant field created through the planetary grid unification is to amplify the power of light on earth to such a degree that the resultant global shift in frequency will help eliminate major conflict and destructive force in and among our population and on earth. Moreover, this extraordinary field of unification creates an influential forcefield capable of healing and transforming the multitude and reaching into every area of the world.

Worldwide Call for Unification

Children of the Sun is delivering a “Worldwide Call for Unification” in efforts to help create lasting world peace and the unification of all people into one family of humanity.

There is great momentum occurring in the spiritual awakening of now millions of people across the globe. As one awakens spiritually and accesses deeper levels of divine connection, an inherent desire is unveiled to serve, to help others and to assist people in limiting situations. This fosters the spirit of people helping people helping people. This is how Children of the Sun envisions a new earth reality to emerge.

The Planetary Grid Project capitalizes on the vast number of people awakening to a higher purpose by linking spiritually minded people on a regular basis and as one collective force of love and higher consciousness. This grand unification is occurring on the planetary Crystalline Grid.

The Crystalline Grid: Vehicle for Mass Unification It is a Crystalline Grid that completely covers the earth in a triangulated geodesic sphere. The Crystalline Grid is a newly formed energetic lattice that completely covers the planet in a triangulated geodesic sphere. Reflecting and amplifying our ascending levels of consciousness, this crystalline “light” matrix links all of the crystals in the earth. This elaborate geometric grid was also known to the ancients and is why many of the world’s pyramids, religious sanctuaries and mystical sites coincide with its lines.

As record keepers, crystals hold vast knowledge of the earth and influencing universal forces. They contain codes of light and are programmed with the ascension template for these shifting times. They also are powerful generators of energy as evidenced in our current technological advancements.

It is through this holographic crystalline matrix that the planet’s new spiritual foundation of higher dimensional energy is anchored. This grid matrix serves as a massive global and spiritual telecommunications system, likened to a “cosmic internet”.

Grid Transmission Program
Every New and Full Moon

On September 11, 2007, Children of the Sun Foundation successfully launched the Planetary Grid Transmission Program.

This program synchronizes the mass human energy of pure intentionality with an advanced and highly activating planetary energy structure. This creates a unified harmonic frequency that connects the collective higher consciousness of participants into one very strong and influential forcefield.

By linking the higher consciousness of humans all over the world, these regular transmissions deliver energies that are in the highest divine alignment for everyone involved, for the planet and for collective humanity. This includes transmissions of healing, transformation, realization, activation and empowerment. As a massive forcefield of intent in alignment with divine power, this amplified group energy will help transform the unified field of world consciousness. There is no doubt.

The grid transmissions take place every new and full moon to capitalize on the strength of energy omitted during these lunar phases. The transmissions occur during a full 24-hour period. During this time, there is unified world meditation scheduled in three time zones of the world. According to testimonials, it is during this one-hour meditative period that the transmissions of unification are most strongly felt.

During the transmissions, participants may simply receive the higher energies or serve as a channel and consciously transmit these higher energies to their family, an established network or to a certain planetary focus.

The Crystalline Planetary Grid

AKA… Unity Grid, Diamond Grid, Grid of Divine Love, Ascension Grid, Grid of Christ Consciousness, Grid of Stabilization, Light Grid.

A geodesic energetic lattice linking all of the crystals in the Earth and crosses major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect Earth to cosmic forces and other dimensional worlds. The ancients knew this and is why many of the world’s sacred sanctuaries coincide with its lines.

A storehouse of the entire knowledge of the planet. We are connecting into a Unified Field of Divine Intelligence.

Our new spiritual foundation and serves as a transitory bridge between consciousness paradigms.

A massive global and spiritual telecommunications system and facilitates com-munication with enlightened people worldwide. It is an excellent vehicle for developing telepathic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient ability.

The Grid gifts stabilization to our transformation and transfiguration processes.

By synchronizing our thoughts and heart intentions on to the grid, this creates a unified harmonic frequency that connects our collective Higher Light into one forcefield. Imagine the power! On the grid, we have easier access to all knowledge. We have easier access to unlimited energy. We open up to our highest Divine-Human potential. We become energy alchemists and masters of manifestation…as ONE UNIFIED LIGHT BEAM.

By connecting into the grid consistently and using this as our bridge into the new Earth reality, we will make profound and accelerated impact upon our individual process, planet Earth and that of the mass awakening of humanity.

Examples of how to use the grid:
  • - To send Love & healing to others; to heal oneself
  • - To instantly connect with other individuals and groups
  • - To assist with personal and planetary transformation
  • - To activate latent coding
  • - To access the Universal Language of Light
  • - To develop and transmit telepathic communication
  • - To link the world into unity consciousness
  • - To develop skills in higher consciousness
  • - To communicate with higher Light Intelligences
  • - To use as an entry & exit point for interdimensional travel
  • - To embody Absolute Knowing

How to Connect & use the Grid?

AS a unified collective consciousness, the grid will help us integrate and harmonize as a true group energetic of enlightened beings. It is an instrument of peace, cooperation and Love. It cannot be misused because one must reside in a purer, higher frequency to use and connect to it.

We connect through our intentions, focus, meditations, transmissions, healing energies another desire to an from our channels and networks. The grid connect the geometries of our body of Light to each others and to the earth.

The more our crystalline “luminous body” is developed and activated, the more easily one can connect and accelerate to and with this Grid of new earth energy.

Ways to Connect:

  • - Go within your heart and declare it
  • - Asking your Higher Intelligence to guide you
  • - Pure intention
  • - In the silence of knowing
  • - Meditation, visualization, each and every breath
  • - Harmonizing with crystalline energies
  • - Using programmed crystals
  • - Connect it the full grounded-ness of your human form
  • - Connect when in group meditation, rituals & ceremonies

Transmitting & Receiving

How do I serve as both
a receiver & transmitter?

Receiving the Transmissions
Some people may simply want to receive these transmissions of new Earth energy and that is perfect. As a receiver, you simply say YES! to your Creator and open the heart wide to receive the Love that is your true form! To receive the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Some of us are inspired to gift acts of kindness on this day, or, to just be in heightened states of grace, joy and laughter with the world. Some of us want to be more private and in meditative focus. It is wonderful to be especially conscious of the unified field of love that embraces our gathering and this divine intention in unity.

It is a very special day for joining with many people of like resonance to help birth the new consciousness. United we stand! As a receiver, you may also have a more specific intention. To receive a healing, a clearing, an opening or an activation of your divine body of Light. You may want to receive a special message. You may want to make a declaration to God or to just rest in peace. You may want to communicate with one of your guides.

With the strength of our grid unification coinciding with the moon's phase, the veils are very thin. The possibilities are endless to what we can achieve! We are also helping to co-create the foundation of our new paradigm...Heaven on Earth.

Transmitting the Transmissions
Many of you are feeling called to establish your own network of Light by inspiring others to join you in this endeavor. You can then choose to serve as both a receiver and a transmitter, a crystalline human portal. To serve as a portal, you simply say YES! to your Creator.

As an open channel and with the purity of your heart centered intention, this qualified transmission of new Earth energy will flow through your purified field to reach your network and intimate sphere of influence. You may also focus on a specific location or issue of the world. It is inspired that everyone participates in the Unified Planetary Focus set in motion by Children of the Sun.

You know that you are called to serve as a transmitter, so, the guidance will be there on how to proceed. Many of us serve in this way without even being consciously aware of the constant transferences that are occurring. New Earth energy is reaching everyone always, however, with conscious intent on the part of the human portals and the receivers, the activity is accelerated exponentially. This is how we will help transform the masses. Through our collective, unified field of energy and serving as pure, open channels for the Holy Spirit.

In this time of great purification, it is important to stay connected to the grid and this new Earth energy system to insure that no energy of duality is passed between you and your network. When you are connected to the purity of the grid, all energy is higher dimensional energy sustaining frequencies of Unconditional Love and Oneness.

How it Works
The transmissions will occur over a full 24 hour period on each day of the new and full moon. The focused time of concentrated meditative focus is synchronized to three world times.
These are:

Sydney, Australia 8 p.m.

Paris, France 8 p.m.
New York, USA 9 p.m.

At these times, you may choose to go into meditation, connect to the grid and simply receive. If you have built a network or desire to assist with planetary focus, you can then serve as a crystalline human portal in both receiving and transmitting.

We would like to emphasize the importance of placing conscious focus on building your luminous body of Light, our vehicle of ascension that transports us into the higher dimensional system of new Earth energy. The more that this crystalline body is developed and activated, the more easily you can connect into the planetary grid and cosmic hologram of Love.

Every New and Full Moon 

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