Transmuting Consciousness Through Visualization and Thoughtform

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles -

This is a visualization and thoughtform that Lightworkers all over the world have been invoking.

When we participate in this activity through contemplation and meditation, our individual efforts are greatly empowered by the collective efforts of all the Lightworkers who have been energizing this thoughtform over the years.

To participate in this meditation, sit comfortably in your chair with your arms and legs uncrossed, your spine as straight as possible and your hands resting gently in your lap with your palms facing upward.

Breathe in deeply and as you exhale, let all of the tension of the day just drop away.

Feel yourself becoming completely relaxed and breathe in deeply again.

As you exhale, feel your God Self take full dominion of your physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies.

Your mind is activated. The cobwebs of confusion, doubt and fear are swept away. You are mentally alert and vibrantly aware. 

You realize that, through the radiance of God pulsating in your heart, you are enveloped in a forcefield of invincible protection which prevents anything that is not of the Light from distracting you or interfering with this sacred moment.

You feel the deep inner glow of peace and well-being. You experience the buoyant joy of expectancy and enthusiasm.

You know and accept that you are the open door that no one can shut. Participate in this visualization with the full power of your attention.

Experience this thoughtform individually and collectively while you serve as a surrogate on behalf of all Humanity.

Transmuting Consciousness:

Beloved Presence of God blazing in my heart, you have taken command of my Earthly vehicles, and I feel these bodies now rising in energy, vibration and consciousness. 

As you integrate into every cell of my body, my awareness is being lifted into the Realms of Illummined Truth. 

I clearly hear your still, small voice within my heart. 

I know you respond to my every call for assistance. I Am experiencing your exquisite vibrations and my entire Being is flooded with Light.

My consciousness is opening to the influx of your pure, spiritual energy. 

From this new level of awareness, I realize that you are in me and I Am in you I know now that you are me. 

I Am a Being of Radiant Light. I Am One with the energy and vibration that is the all-encompassing Presence of God. 

I Am One with the Divine Love that fills the Universe with the glory of Itself. 

I Am One with every particle of life. 

I am One with the Divine Plan for planet Earth. I Am One with the limitless flow of God’s Abundance. I Am that I Am. 

I Am now lifted into the Heart of God, and the pre-encoded memories within my cellular patterns are activated. I experience a great soaring and awakening as I remember my Divine Heritage.

I step through the doorway into multidimensional reality and I Am empowered with frequencies of Divinity. 

This radiant Light awakens within me untapped wisdom and new levels of understanding. I easily grasp the Divine Thoughts from the Mind of God that are flowing into my consciousness. 

New avenues of opportunity appear before me and I feel a sense of elation. 

I joyously seize the Divine Opportunities and I feel a greater sense of self-worth and accomplishment than ever before. My life is filled with purpose and meaning.

I now Ascend higher into the Realms of Perfection and as I do, I easily release and let go of attachments, beliefs and behavior patterns that do not support my highest good. 

I release all beliefs in lack or limitation. I release all thoughts, words, actions and feelings I have ever expressed in any time frame or dimension that are based in poverty consciousness.

This is my new beginning! 

I Am filled with Prosperity Consciousness and I affirm: 

God’s Limitless Abundance is flowing into my life now. 

As I accept this gift of prosperity, I Am experiencing my true integrity. 

I Am trustworthy and honest. I Am a reflection of Divine Truth. I Am worthy and deserving of prosperity. 

I Am transforming every facet of my life into an expression of Eternal Peace and Abundance.

Change is manifesting through Divine Grace and Love. 

As each aspect of my life that needs changing surfaces before me, I easily love it free and forgive myself for the perceived transgression.

As a child of God, I deserve to be loved and forgiven. I Am One with the Infinite Intelligence within me. 

The choices I make daily and hourly expand the Light in my life and greatly improve my quality of life. 

I am grateful for the rapid changes taking place within me and in my life. 

I love myself, Humanity and all life unconditionally.

The Divine Power to sustain these changes is now flowing through me. 

From this moment forth, I choose to create a life of prosperity, abundance, love, peace, harmony, happiness, joy, laughter, health and every other attribute of God that perpetuates my highest good and enhances my ability to fulfill my Divine Plan.

I extend in consciousness into the heart of the Source of never-ending perfection with every inbreath I take. 

I project forth the full momentum of that perfection to bless all life on Earth with every outbreath I release. 

Every inbreath opens the portal into the Causal Body of God, the Pure Land of Boundless Splendor and Infinite Light. 

Every outbreath projects forth the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God and all Divine Blessings to assist Humanity and the Earth.

Make me an instrument of your limitless Abundance. 

I Am the Hands of God now made manifest in the physical plane of Earth. 

I Am the open door through which the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God will flow to bless ALL life on Earth. 

I consecrate and dedicate my life to this sacred endeavor. I Am, I Am, I Am.

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