Enlightenment Meditation

by Orin and DaBen -

I take a moment to adjust my posture and to sit in a comfortable position.  
I relax my jaw and the muscles around my eyes. 
I release any tension in my arms and shoulders.  
As I relax my body I feel more peaceful, aware and in touch with my inner being. 
I take a few deep breaths in, relaxing at an even deeper level as I do.  
My soul and higher self join me now. They transmit light to me.  
I open to receive light and energy coming from my higher self and soul. 
I let their light come down through the top of my head, through my spiritual center, called my "head" or "crown center."  
My soul and higher self are transmitting energy to me to awaken my head center. 
I allow the light to flow from my head center into my mind and brain, stimulating my mind to higher ideas and my brain to awaken the genius capacity within me.  
Light from my soul and higher self is now flowing into my third eye, my sixth chakra located between my eyebrows. 
I allow my inner vision to grow clearer. The veils of illusion are lifting.  
My capacity to see and to know truth is expanding.  
I am awakening to the unlimited being I am.  
I receive light from my higher self and soul into the DNA in the center of my cells, preparing me to evolve at a cellular level. 
I release any beliefs that are standing in the way of my spiritual growth and enlightenment.  
I embrace those thoughts and beliefs that lead me toward my path of enlightenment, knowing that as I become enlightened I am able to be of greater service to humanity. 
I now believe that I can become enlightened in this lifetime.  
I believe I can grow through joy rather than through struggle. 
I believe I can grow easily and instantly.  
I focus on my spiritual growth.  
I know that energy spent on my spiritual growth comes back to me multiplied. 
I now make a commitment to my spiritual growth.  
I make it a priority in my life.  
Everything I do is an opportunity to grow spiritually, to spread love, and to make a contribution.  
Every activity I do is a chance to be more conscious, aware and focused in the present moment. 
Every action I take provides me with an opportunity to put light, harmony, order and love into the universe around me. 
Every event that happens provides me with an opportunity to act in the highest way I have ever acted and occurs to bring out the best in me. 
I affirm that I will reach my highest potential in this lifetime.