Multi-Dimensional Reality Tools

by Celia Fenn -

Navigating Multi-Dimensional Reality - 


As we go through this process of transition and ascension, we are switching on our light bodies and ascending into new ways of living and being.

We are becoming multi-dimensional and capable of functioning at higher frequencies of conscious awareness.

But as we break through to these new levels, many of us are finding ourselves without the tools for managing the very real physical and emotional efffects that are a daily part of the break-through into multi-dimensional living.

In this article, I want to offer some tools for managing the energy. Archangel Michael has asked me to share this information with you , but I also want to say a special thank-you to my friend, David, master shaman and teacher, who showed me how to use these tools.

The Heart is the Key

In a very real sense - the Heart Chakra is the key and the gateway to multi-dimensionality. If the heart is not open, you will not be able to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. The three keys to opening the Heart Chakra can be described as :

Nothing locks us out of the sparkling dance of light found at the higher dimensions more effectively than habitually following a way of life because we have always done so, or because it is expected of us.

When we are truly free, we are able to comprehend our freedom and to choose to express ourselves in ways that resonate with who we truly are. Because so many of us are living "habitual" lives, we often need to take time out to discover what our passions are, before we can follow them. 

This is why so many people are "dropping out" of careers and taking time to re-define who they are and how they live.

The New Earth will be filled with passionate people creating joy! But this takes time, and we need to give ourselves all the time we need to find our passions and our joy and to heal the wounds that prevent us from being our essential passionate self.
I often think that this is the true meaning of the concept of the "return of the Goddess"/ the feminine energy.

In our "old energy" lives, we were taught to listen to our ego, to the rational voice of the "parent". This voice told us to disregard our joy and conform to what was expected of us, in order to "fit in" and be safe.

Ironically, when we listen to the inner voice of the Higher Self, we are always safe. But we have to re-learn this skill and the trust in this skill. It is only when we allow our inner voice to be our guide, that the miracles will happen.

The Inner Voice is the Goddess within. Allow her to lead, and she will show you the dance of light. And then your ego/rational self can build the structures to support your new reality. 

To do this we need to be aware of the "cues" from higher reality, for our higher aspects will talk to us in dreams, through other people, books, animals or events in our lives.

We need to start "reading the messages" again. Being consciously aware of the "ripples" in our reality that have information or messages for us.
Those with open hearts are always willing to listen to others and understand that others are a "mirror" of our current reality.

If we can move pass anger, distrust and aggression, into a place of empathy and understanding, we will truly open the Heart Chakra. 

The key is to understand that the "other" person is an aspect of you and your reality. And that how you manage and re-act to other people is a mirror of how you treat yourself and your reality.

If you are able to treat yourself with nurturing love and compassion, only then will you be able to treat others in the same way. So, be kind to yourself, and the rest will follow.

Speaking your Truth: The Ladder to the Stars

Speaking our truth is the function of a healthy Throat Chakra. And this is our "ladder" to higher dimensions. It will allow us to ascend and descend to higher states of consciousness. And it will create a link between the higher frequencies and our Material Reality.

Often the mood swings and mental spaciness that transitioning people feel, is a result of rapid shifts between dimensions where there is no ladder.

We literally "fall" between dimensions, and feel exhausted and disorientated. So building a ladder that can take us up and bring us down is important.

This also relates to the concept of "grounding" multi-dimensional reality. If we do not "ground" ourselves, we can become lost in a dream world that has no way of linking to the material world. The Throat Chakra creates the fifth-dimensional bridge that we need.

Two Key Concepts
Be willing to express your feelings. All of them. No manipulative games and hidden agendas.

As we become more in touch with our feelings and our Heart Chakras open fully, it will be impossible to play manipulative games anyway.

People will intuitively understand the motivations of others without them ever needing to be expressed. And linked to this is self-awareness.

We need to be aware of our subconscious patterns of manipulation and control, and be willing to release them for more healthy patterns of acceptance and flow. To be willing to allow the miracle of life to unfold without needing to control and force our expectations on others or on events.
It is equally important, when building this ladder, to be able to receive the truth of others without judgement.

To truly listen, which is the receptive or feminine aspect of the act of speaking. For this ladder is one that we cannot build alone. It is a co-creation project.

We build it for ourselves, but we invite others to share it and in turn to build ladders for others. In this way we are enabled to reach to ever higher levels of consciousness as a group, which is The Path of Conscious Evolution".