Being an Instrument of Grace

by Simeon Nartoomid -

Divine Grace is but the most natural state of being. 

It is the state of being that you are in truth. This state of being is love. The state of being called love is not defined by loving doing, feeling or thoughts.

Loving doing, feeling and thoughts emanate from this state of being. This state of being called love is your true nature. 

To experience more of your true nature be an instrument of grace for others.

Be more forgiving. Soften the hard edges. Be kind and gentle in your manner. The hard-nosed approach to life's problems so admired in your world is but a guise for ego to serve itself rather than the purpose of soul.

As you open to be a vessel for grace to be more a part of the lives of others in your life, so too shall you experience more grace in your own life. 

Grace is always rooted in something freely given that does not incur any indebtedness on any level. 

Grace is always rooted in a feeling of joy associated with whatever is being given.

Grace is always rooted in a state of being of pure love which is beyond even the need for forgiveness because nothing is ever held against another even when your mind tells you that you are justified in doing so. 

Let all of that go, it no longer serves you or your planet. 

BE the truth of who you are, a being of love. 

BE a vessel of grace for others. Bring that frequency into your world in a very real way by BEING a living example of it. Every moment of your life I AM offering you opportunities to do all of this. Do you see them?