The Physical Experience of Truthful Soulular Activity

by Lauren C Gorgo -

Are the colors in your landscape suddenly more vivid? Are the contrasts more pronounced? Do you hear new harmonic tones in the music you listen to? Are you noticing any changes in your perceptions? How does the world around you look through new eyes?

Surely you are engaging in higher realms of soulular activity and as you express these higher qualities you will begin to notice how you feel much more comfortable being on earth and in your biological forms.

You will also begin to feel an increase in sensual pleasures as you open more fully to the light.

What many of you are bumping up against in this new frequency are intermittent states of clarity and purpose. This clarity is breaking through the veil of separation with great force now.

As you begin to ground this power fully into your lives, you will find opportunities abound as you become capable of attracting like-energies with your magnetic field for many divine experiences of the soul.

This will come in many forms and with great ease as you find your footing in the new cycle.

Galactic Potential 

Your ability to master the fluctuating energies presented to you over the years has finely tuned your manifestation powers to the point of acute focus and attunement.

Now with these powers so strongly intact, coupled with clarity of purpose at the fore of your minds, the combination will be awe-inspiring.

This is especially true for those souls who are activating their galactic genetic potential at this very special time.

Galactic potential is none other than the ability to harness the aspects of your soulular origin genetics. These gifts are with you to enhance your life upon the new earth and to show the way for others who wearily wander in search of truth.

It is now that the world is ready for your activations and one where you will be fully supported in your roles. What a divine time to be on earth!

Brothers and sisters, what lies before you is of your choosing now. 

The advent of Christ consciousness is none other than the total purification and ability to harness the increase in electro-magnet-ic frequency that multiplies and strengthens your connection to Source.

What this offers you is beyond anything you have experienced upon earth to date. This is the state of Bodhisattva.

As you begin to physically experience your true state of being you will come to a level of complete satisfaction with all that is. 

This satisfaction is the state of acceptance and detachment that will bring your skills of mastery into play.

You may be feeling small traces of this satisfaction waxing and waning at present. This will balance out and soon you will remain the fulcrum to these polarities.

Nature of the Soul

The placid nature of a soul is the most valuable gift on earth at this time. 

Do not underestimate its power, for the subtlety of this gift is what is altering the geometric grid systems and ley lines of earth.

The portals by which you engage are the new portals of stellar composition that allow for the new earth to unfold in divine glory.

Where you are now is no different than where you will be in the coming days, only your perceptions will shift to understand and connect with the multidimensional aspects of existence in such a way that you will feel altered, enlivened and more present.

This state is also one of dispensation and healing. Perfect health is the result of total alignment and connectivity of a soul, as if you were finally plugged into a new circuit.

This circuit is one of high voltage, one that requires purification for you to fully embody. 

Plugging in enables you to leave behind the struggle of life and engage in the restoration of unity. In this space you see no struggle, only connectivity, choice and the freedom to be all that you desire.

Each of you who connect to the circuit enhances and grounds the higher frequencies of love into earth’s core.

As the conduits of a new way, you are naturally then in a state of leadership for those who have attained the purification necessary to embody these frequencies can utilize it for the good of all.

It is of divine decree that those who are suited to activate to service step into power in these shifting energies. 

You will notice the differences in the way you relate to the world, her people and your relationships. You will feel connected to those around you with an open heart.

You may feel like sharing kindness with strangers and the need to extend a physical touch to those in need. This will be unspoken, but noticeable, as you communicate with each other on soulular levels. The barriers between you will dissolve and you will suddenly be capable of addressing the highest in all. 

You will notice a peaceful trust and a grounded sense of worthiness like never before. 

This sense of worth is the soul’s expression for in truth you are well aware of your power and the grace of being God. Hold onto nothing that inhibits your true state and release the bondage of any outworn thought that you are less than.

Divine Blueprint

Take to your new lives with splendor and joy for your creations will mold the divine blueprint for an entirely new planet earth. 

Stepping into your full power is the first step. Healing will follow and the final outcome will be your newfound love for humanity and willingness to serve in your unique and blessed way.